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10 Easy Steps To Get Perfect Eyebrows At Home: Best Tutorial

Perfect Natural-Looking Eyebrows can be quite tricky to achieve. Especially with so many different styling options and brow-products, the task might seem overwhelming. But now you can achieve perfect eyebrows at the ease of your home!

Yes, it’s true, NO fancy salons, NO makeup artists. Fashions Trendy has brought you some insanely effective tips to get your perfect eyebrows. From plucking your eyebrows to styling them, you will get every possible ‘brow-advice’ in one go. Your long voyage in search of perfect-natural-eyebrows ends here with this 12 step eyebrow tutorial on how to get perfect eyebrows:

Step 1: Find The Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face Shape


It’s extremely important to match your eyebrow shape with your face shape to achieve a polished look. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Round face: Ladies with a round face should go for a higher arch. Try creating a bow that follows a straight line up to the top and avoid any rounded bows (They will make a round face look more round)
  • Heart-shaped face: Try to stick with a low arch and rounded brow shape to achieve a natural look. In all cases, you should avoid a highly arched brow.
  • Square face: If you have a square-face, go for a curved brow shape, soft, or hard-angled shape. Avoid short and thin brow shapes.
  • Oval face: Soft-angled eyebrow shape are the best for ladies with an oval face. They should go straight up, followed by a gentle downward curve from the top.

Step 2: How To Pluck The Perfect Eyebrows


The theory part is over and we will do some actual work now.’s time to know how to shape your eyebrows. But before you grab your tweezers and start plucking, here are some key points you must remember to pluck the perfect eyebrows:

  • Make yourself calm and ensure that you have sufficient light. Try to invest in a good quality tweezer (It’s generally a one-time investment as most tweezers last for years)
  • If you have sensitive skin, you can try rubbing an ice cube over your brows before tweezing. Icing would numb the area which will reduce the redness, swelling, and pain. You can also apply a skin moisturizer.
  • We will begin with the top of the brows so brush your brow hair downwards. Now hold a thread in a straight line along the peak of your brows. This will help you to mark any extra portion that you need to pluck to keep both the peaks at the same height
  • Now with a brow pencil, gently outline the top portion of both the eyebrows. Try to go along the natural curve of your brows.
  • Now start plucking from the area farthest from your brow and slowly come closer to the outline. Don’t be in a hurry, it may lead to over-plucking, resulting in unnaturally thin eyebrows.
  • Once you are done with the top, brush the brows upwards and outline the bottom of your brows.
  • Repeat the same plucking process but make sure to do it gently. The bottom of your brows is much more sensitive than the top. If you be too harsh on your skin, you might end up getting rashes and wrinkles.
  • Now pluck area between your brows. Try to do minimum plucking to achieve perfect-natural eyebrows.
  • Now clean the area with a brush and shave off any remaining hair with an eyebrow-razor.

Congrats! you are done with plucking. The subsequent steps will deal with filling your eyebrows:

Step 3: Choose The Right Products


The kind of product you choose will make or break your attire. So, be choosy and take your time to choose the right eyebrow product. First: define your eyebrow goals. Do you want to shape your brows lightly and comb them? A lightweight brow gel might be handy. Do you want to fill in voids and add definition? Grab an angled brush a brow powder.

Still not sure about your goals? Be playful and don’t be afraid to cocktail a few products—no product is good or bad, choose the one that suits best for you.

Step 4: Choose The Right Color


Another way to make your brows look ‘fake’ is by choosing the wrong color of your products. It’s not just about matching your brow color with your hair color. But you also need to consider your skin tone and eye color. For example: You have red hair and your skin has a pink’ish tone, you can’t exactly match your eyebrows with your hair color- it may look orange. So, you may go for an ashy tone.

In general, if you are not too sure about which color to choose, blending two tones might be a safer option.

Step 5: Keep Things Believable


Overextending the tail of your brows or making the arch too pointy can give you an un-realistic finish. But how do you know what looks real and what’s too good to believe. Well, there’s a simple trick for you:

Hold a brow pencil against your nostril in an angular fashion and line it up with the extreme corner of your eye. The point where your pencil hits your brow bone is where the tail your brow can be extended without looking fake. Further elongation of the tail may draw your face down and make you look sad.

Now let’s talk about the peak: Place your pencil at your nostril and line it up diagonally with the center of your eye. Mark the point where your pencil meets your brow bone. This should be the peak point of your arch.

Once you have known the extreme points, you may start outlining your brows with an eyebrow pencil.

Step 6: Go For an Eyebrow Stencil


Going freehand with your products might feel way above your skillset. Don’t worry, you are not alone! The task is actually very tricky. You may also use an eyebrow stencil: it’s a little template that you hold or stick over your brows to prevent you from ‘over coloring’. This product may help you get the perfect eyebrows you always wanted, especially if you are a beginner.

Step 7: Fill The Brow With Multiple Strokes And Conceal The Voids


Never fill your brows with a single heavy-handed strike: It might give an ugly and artificial look to your brows. To get realistic results, go for numerous tiny stokes applied in a flicking motion in the direction of hair growth.

You may also start with a light application of the product and then intensify things. Trust Me…It’s much easier to add more product than removing it. It’s also the time to fill in any sparse spots in case you have fallen prey to overplucking.

Step 8: Start Filling From The Centre


Ever wondered why your friend’s eyebrows look much more natural than yours? That’s because she exactly knows how to fill in eyebrows. The key point here is to start applying your product from the center and then move to extremes. This way, you will apply more product near the center and less at the ends.

Step 9: Use Concealer Below Your Brows


Never use a highlighter to outline your brows: It can put too much emphasis on your arches. Instead, you may choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your original skin tone, It will help to brighten up the area near your brow without stealing their originality.

Step 10: Always blend in your product


Pro Tip: The final step towards your perfect eyebrows includes diffusing the initial outlines that you drew with your brow pencil. You may use a spoolie brush for this purpose. The only catch here is to blend the outline entirely or else it may look too harsh. This is one of the most critical steps in order to achieve natural-looking arches.

So, this ends our 10 step tutorial on how to get perfect eyebrows. Hope you found this helpful and managed to get the eyebrows of your life.



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