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Best Justin Bieber Hairstyles of all time

19 Best Justin Bieber Hairstyles of all time

Justin Bieber has always been known for his signature hairstyles. It all began with the purple hoodie and the side-swept hair that sent millions of young kids to the barbershop, wanting the same style. But that was about a decade ago. In the past few years, Biebe has cut, colored, and changed his hair probably more times than he posted pics with models on Instagram!

Surely, Justin is one of those guys who you’re always keeping an eye on in the men’s grooming stakes. It doesn’t matter if you are a die-hard JB fan, or just a fashion freak, Biebe’s haircut history can certainly inspire you for your next salon trip.

Having said that, this article is all about the most popular Justin Bieber haircuts and how they evolved over the decade.

1. The Swoopy Fringe

The Swoopy Fringe

2. Shorter Textured Swoop

Justin Bieber Short swoop

In 2011, Justin still went with his swoop but modernized it with an added tweak. He cut it shorter and added some products for extra texture. Till then his fringes got shorter and shorter until they were unrecognizable.

3. Classic slicked back Look

Justin Bieber Slicked Back Look

More transformation followed and by November 2011 he changed it completely to the slicked-back short hairstyle. He featured with this hairdo in the AMA when he walked the red carpet with Selena.

4. The Forward Quiff

Justin Bieber Forwarrd Quiff

By 2012 Justin started rocking more mature cuts like this forward Quiff. It became another signature Justin Bieber haircut and was a classic way to ditch his old-school swoop. (By the way,in this year Biebe received his high school diploma as well.)

5. Spiked top with Shaved Sides

Justin Bieber Spiked with shaved sides

Justin had yet another transformation by the new year of 2013 and he featured with this spiked hairstyle which he rocked for quite some time.

6. Blonde Hair

Justin Bieber Blonde Hair

Things were pretty quiet on the Bieber hair front until he bleached his hair platinum blonde in December 2014. Little did his fans know then about the multitude of hairstyles this blonde tone would witness. Now, we can call it a shooting point when Biebe’s took his hairstyles to a whole different level.

7. Long Laid-Back hair

Justin Bieber Laid Back Hair

By February 2015, Bieber grew his hair long and had a darker color. For the first time, he featured with some facial hair as well.

8. Side-swept Justin Bieber Haircut

Justin Bieber Classic Side Swept Cut

By September 2015 Justin rocked another iconic hairstyle, which is the side-swept textured haircut. This cool look gave off some serious laid-back carefree vibes and proved to be a trendsetter.

9. Braided Cornrows


Justin pulled out the most unexpected piece from his bag of hairstyles in 2016, in the form of blonde cornrows. This pic of Justin with his current wife, Hailey took over Instagram during the new year.

10. The Top Knot


But more experiments were yet to come. In fact, this was a phase in Justin’s life when he tried something new with his hair every couple of weeks.  JB even tried a cheeky man bun for a few days but it did not gain much traction.

11. Blonde Dreadlocks

justin bieber blonde dreadlocks

Things got even more interesting when Justin tried these edgy dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are cool and require specific type of people to pull them off. And, probably Biebe was one of those who had what it takes to rock these icy dreadlocks.

12. The Customary Buzz


Almost every celebrity had a buzz cut at least once in their career and Justin was no different. Unlike other buzz cuts, he had slightly longer hair which made it look a bit messy. 2016 was the year when Justin’s hair went through a lot but thankfully it ended with a simple Buzz cut.

13. Side Swept Short Hair


For most of 2017 Justin featured with this side swept short hair. He also started growing some facial hair.

14. Long Quiff With Mustache

Justin Bieber Long Quiff

The Long Quiff hairdo proved to be one of the best Justin Bieber hairstyle moves. This hairstyle runs impeccably well with the Mustache as it includes smidgen edges. Justin rocked this look for a while in 2018.

15. Vintage Mustache Look

Justin Bieber Vintage Look

By May 2018 Biebe light-heartedly stated to his fans that he was going to grow his hair and he kept his promise for sure. His long luscious locks accompanied his thick Mustache to give him a whole new look which he rocked for a few months.

16. Another Buzz

Justin Bieber second Buzz

JB finally ditched his long hair with another Buzz cut in October 2018, which went viral and gave him the nickname of Buzztin.

17. Classic Mop


After a lot of experimenting, JB finally returned to basics in May 2019 with his original sleek, neatly combed, and naturally colored mop.

18. Justin Bieber Wedding Haircut

Justin Bieber Wedding Look

Biebe cleaned up things and had this classic short haircut which looked special and perfect on his second wedding with Hailey.

19. Long Hair

Justin Bieber Current Look

These days Justin has grown his hair longer. It seems that he is tired of being a men’s hair icon and now he is just enjoying his life post marriage. He also tried growing his Mustacheonce again but shaved it off recently. He revealed, “Hailey was gonna kill me if I didn’t shave it off!”



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