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Best Short Hairstyles For Men In 2020

49 Best Short Hairstyles For Men In 2020

Best Short Hairstyles For Men In 2020

With the seeming end of longer messier hairstyles, the era of short hairstyles has arrived. Short hair provides guys with a clean and tidy look which is versatile for any occasion, whether a business meeting or a romantic date. They are so easy to style that you can never get it wrong and require little or no maintenance.

With the abundance of new bold looks, like the buzz, quiff, fade, or spikes, it becomes very difficult to choose the best short haircut for you. Thankfully we have this list of 49 best men’s hairstyles for 2020, which will provide you inspiration for your next salon trip.

1. Buzz Cut


If you want a low maintenance and easy to style cut then go for the buzz cut. This classic haircut started with the military but soon became trendy among common folks.

And the best part of it is that you can get it done all by yourself with professional clippers. However, if you want the best finish you should visit your stylist.

2. Crew Cut With Taper Fade


The crew cut is the extended version of the buzz cut. With longer hair at the top, it offers more room for styling. Try getting a taper fade on the sides to further accentuate your short hair.

3. French Crop


The French crop is one of the popular short haircuts for men. To achieve this, ask your stylist to undercut your sides or fade them while keeping a slightly longer top. Get the front trimmed short and your French crop is ready.

4. High and Tight Faded Short Hairstyle

High-and -Tight-Fade-Short-Hair

For a masculine military appearance, try the high and tight fade.

On the first look, your hair clippers may seem handy to have this haircut. However, it’s better to go to the stylist as the fade on the sides requires decent skills.

5. Short Quiff Haircut


Want a stylish yet versatile haircut? Go for a short Quiff. The modern Quiff offers a lot of variety and you may choose any, according to your face shape and hair type. The quiff with faded sides is the trendiest.

6. The Short Comb Over Fade


The modern comb over is designed for the men with class! Nothing’s more appealing than the top crown with faded or undercut sides. Ask your barber to further add a line (the hard part) for a well-defined parting.

7. Short Curly Hair Fade


Men with curly hair this is for you! Keeping your curly hair short prevents them from curling, thereby giving you an enticing and messy look.

8. Slicked Back Hair


Looking for a sophisticated and polished look? Go for the slicked back undercut. Even with 2-3 inches of length, you can manage to brush back your hair and style it with a wax or pomade. The result is a classy edgy look fit for every day.

9. Short Spiky Hair

The Short spikes are known to provide a sexy-charming look since the 90s. When styled with a top-rated wax, the spikes look thicker and gives you a textured finish.

10. Short Haircuts For Men With Side Part


Get a perfect gentleman look with the classic side part for short hair. You may combine it with a fade or classic tamper according to your choice.

For a more modern finish, ask your stylist to add a hard part into your scalp where you part your hair.

11. Short Faux-Hawk Hairstyle


A short faux-hawk with a clean shave gives you a youthful and eye-catching look. With the ease of styling and variety of fade options on back and sides, it suits any and every face shape.

12. Mohawk Fade Short Hairstyles For Men


The faded mohawk offers the best men’s short hairstyle. The burst fade curving around the ear and down your neck gives you a cool badass look.

13. High Undercut Fade With Textured Slicked-Back Hair


The undercut sides with a slicked back top can instantly upgrade your looks. The textured slicked back hair makes the haircut unique and versatile while the length on the top opens the door for a lot of styling options.

14. Pompadour Fade Short Hairstyle For Men


The modern Pompadour Fade is known to add volume to your hair and goes well with an undercut fade.

15. High Razor Fade With Textured Crop


Are you a born athlete or a sports freak? Go for the high razor fade which looks extremely sporty and requires zero maintenance.

16. Brushed Up And Swept Back Classic Taper

Brushed-Up-And-Swep- Back-Classic-Taper

The classic taper is simple yet seductive. Unlike the fade, the longer back and sides give you a conservative-gentleman look that’s appealing to the ladies.

17. Comb Over Pomp With Low Fade And Edge Up


If you want to look modern with a classy flair, try this haircut and combine it with a short mustache.

18. Temple Fade With Side Part


The temple fade hairstyle with side part provide you an elegant contrast and make you look unique. This signature short hairstyle goes well with both casual and formal occasions.

19. Short Messy Hair


Look messy, Look cool! One of the best men’s short hairstyles is the messy textured hair. This casual look is easy to achieve with a bit of pomade or wax.

20. Angular Side Brush Up With Taper Fade


This short haircut begins with a low taper fade and keeps some length at the top. Side brushing it in an angular way will make it look bold and casual.

21. Short Blowout with Tapered Sides


The blowout cut creates a relaxed and contemporary style which is fit for every day. Combine it with tapered sides to have a clean and sharp look.

22. Short hairstyle with Bowl Cut


The bowl cut is a perfect example of ‘history repeats itself’. Yes, they are back! Try the undercut version of this 90’s hairstyle and get an edgy look. Wear it neatly combed or slightly disheveled, it’s your choice.

23. Bowl Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

Bowl-Cut-with-Side-Swept Bangs

Another version of the classic bowl cut is its side-swept version. The side-swept bangs with the horizontal fringe look even more flattering and appealing than the traditional look.

24. Buzz Cut with Shaved Design


Jazz up your standard buzz cut with the unique shaved designs. Ask your stylist for a design that suits best with your face shape.

25. Caesar Cut


If you like short strands with a sharp edge, try the Caesar cut which is combed forward to create a small fringe. Draw everyone towards you with the legacy of the legendary Roman general, Julius Caesar.

26. Classic Combed Back Style


Just apply some pomade, wax or gel and comb back your short strands. In this way, you get a classic, polished appearance with little or no efforts.

27. Classic Pompadour


Be different and bring back this famous hairstyle worn by the visionaries of the 1950s. Unlike the faded one, this pompadour gives you a more gentleman look which is appealing for the ladies.

28. Short Comb-Over


The comb-over haircut gives you a polished appearance and makes clear that you are here to conquer! This is one of the best men’s short hairstyles for fine hair.

29. Short Disconnected Undercut


The contrast between short sides and a long top makes the disconnected undercut look special. You may side sweep the top layer or make it fall on your face in an angular way.

30. Short Hairstyle with Flat Top


With the upright style and horizontal cut, the flat top provides a distinct appearance that can make any guy with short strands stand out.

31. High-Top Fade


Long hair at the top with a faded side creates an awesome contrast that creates a modern, stylish and eye-catching look.

32. Messy Undercut with Bangs


A classic undercut might not be enough to get everyone wowed. Make yourself magnetic by adding bangs to your undercut and making it messy.

33. Short Caesar Cut


The classic Caesar cut looks more subtle and contemporary when cut shorter.

34. Short Haircut For Men with Long Bangs


Make your short haircut unique by introducing long bangs that cover your forehead. This hairstyle is perfect for fine hair.

35. Short Style with Finger Waves

Short Style with Finger Waves

A finger wave at the front is all you need to have a classic, charming short hairstyle.

36. Silver Pompadour with Taper Fade

Get a silvery pompadour with a taper fade and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

37. Slicked Back with a Side Part


Try a slicked back side part if you are someone who loves a classic look. You can easily style it with a gel or wax.

38. Spiked Side Part Style


Get a sexy-wet look by spiking the top section of a classic side part.

39.  Structured Quiff


Although a bit difficult to get it right, a structured quiff can offer you an excellent eye-catching style.

40. Textured Crop


Adding texture to a cropped cut may result in a sophisticated modern look that is perfect for both corporate meetings and romantic dates.

41. Waves with Short Sides


Shorter sides with waves at the top are the best means to add a relaxed and carefree vibe to your appearance.

42.  Wavy Ivy League Cut


A long and wavy Ivy League haircut helps to provide you a polished posh appearance that looks neat and fresh.

43. Hard Part Haircut


Here’s one of the unique short hairstyles for men. Just add a diagonal hard part to your buzz cut to look radically different.

44. Short Haircuts for Men with beard


You can make any hairdo work with a beard. The transition between the hair and the beard is the key. Instead of connecting them at the sideburns, try to separate them with a gradual fade.

45. 360 Waves


Close-cropped hair with waves all over makes you look fearless and bold. Some extra length is needed for this haircut to get the waves but it’s still close-cropped.

46. Butch Cut with Hard Line Disconnection


This butch cut is a bold take on the disconnected hairstyle. This short hairstyle is emphasized with the faded sides and a striking hard part.

47. Simple Top with Skin Faded Sides


For a unique two-tone appearance, try this simple cut. This is one of the best men’s short hairstyles that requires no styling.

48. Short haircut for men with Blonde Crop


If you have a shorter, fluffier hair, the blonde crop may work well. It looks simple and casual with its natural texture and tousled effect.

49. Subtle Side Tapper With Rough Top


Looking for versatile short haircuts? Here you go! The short messy top combined with a fade down the sides is a perfect fit for any guy.



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