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50 Trendy Long Layered Hairstyles

49 Trendy Long Layered Hairstyles

When it comes to hairstyles, long layered hair is always trending. Layers add lots of volume and texture to your hair and make the thin locks look fuller.

In this world of pixies and bobs, long layered hair up to the waist makes you look different yet beautiful. Even simple layered hair looks gorgeous and attractive.

If you are blessed with long hair but confused about how to style it, you must consider adding layers to it at least once. Depending upon your hair type and facial shape, here are top 49 long hairstyles with layers for 2020.

1. Layers for Long Hair with Discreet Balayage


Long straight hair may need a bit more maintenance from your side as compared to healthy curly hair. But that also allows you to take that extra care of your hair. It also opens the door for new hairstyles.

Just have one of the long hairstyles with layers and add a discrete balayage to it. If you find it boring you can cut more layers or add another balayage with a different color.

2. Bouncy Layers for Long Straight Hair


If you have long thin hair, it may look limp. Save the situation with light-feathered layers cascading down your back.

3. V-Shaped Chocolate Layers with Caramel Balayage

V-Shaped-Chocolate -Layers-with-Caramel-Balayage

Keep raising the bar when it comes to hairstyles! Add some shorter layers along with layered ends and enhance it with caramel highlights.

4. Heavily-Feathered Layers for Blonde Hair


This is for the “feather lovers”! Try the feathered layers if you have thick and heavy hair. And don’t forget to add a balayage to follow the new trend of long hairstyles with layers for 2020.

5. Long Feathered Cut with Choppy Bangs


Go one step further and accentuate your long layered hair with choppy bangs.

6. Long Golden Brown Shag with a Fringe


Go for the thick beautiful shag with fringe topping off your long layered hair. The added luscious waves will give a feeling that you’ve just stepped off a runway! Add some highlights to get an even better finish.

7. Long Layered A-Silhouette Cut


This beautiful A-silhouette deserves to be worn by you! It will provide movement to your hair and break up a longer face shape.

8. Shattered Bronde Shag with Bangs


Well, layered haircuts for long hair with bangs are back! This seductive shaggy hairstyle is bringing back the good old days. Your hair will be so bouncy and full that you’ll be running your fingers through your hair every now and then.

9. Layered Cut with Peekaboo Bangs

Side sweep the long layered hair with the peek-a-boo bangs to look insanely attractive. Ask your hairstylist to keep the length of your bangs long, preferably starting the fringe at your chin.

10. Mermaid Ombre’ed Hair


Are you one of those who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time and money on their locks? The log ombre layers are a perfect fit for you. While you may still need to trim your bangs occasionally, you may leave the rest of the hair to grow as long as you want.

11. Mahogany Hairstyle with long layers


Add the mahogany shade to your long face-framing layers with thick bangs to get those added compliments from others. If you want a long hairstyle with layers, you may surely try this out.

12. Contouring Hairstyle


To get a significant contour effect, pair a balayage color with center-parted hair. The rounded bangs along with the darker front will create a striking face-framing effect that will sharpen your facial features.

13. Tapered Layers with Parted Bangs


Do you think that bangs are not for you because you like to part your hair from the middle? Well, you can still have center-parted bangs for your long layered hair. This layered haircut will especially suit rounder faces with its slimming effect.

14. Curly Layers for the Elderly


With age, the variety of hairstyles you can have gets limited. Open the door for more options by having long layered hair. You may include some light curls with added bangs to keep that evergreen look on your face.

15. Multi-Layered Mix


Score some extra style points by adding multiple layers to your hair. Keep the shorter layers to frame your face and the bigger ones to add more volume to your long hair.

16. Long Choppy Cut with a Sprinkling of Layers


No need to go for those dramatic length differences all the time. Try getting your layers cut light and sparse.  It will take you much less time to style your hair while keeping the same movement.

17. Wrapping Feathered Layers Along the sides


The feathered style maintains the shape of your hair effortlessly. You look like that innocent girl who just woke up, rolled out of the bed and went to explore the world.

18. Very Long Feathered U-Cut


Look sexy, look different. If you are one of those rare species who have very long hair, try lightly feathered layers with a U-Cut. This is one of the long hairstyles with layers that will wow everyone.

19. White-Blonde Flicked Hair


Take your hairstyle to a whole different level by adding multi-dimensional layers that start at the chin and work downward. Enrich it with the white-blonde color to look even gorgeous.

20. Short, medium and long layers


Ask your stylist to add short, medium and long layers to your hair to have that appealing look. Multiple layers will provide movement to your hair making it easier to style.

21. Classic Long Layers for Thick Straight Hair


If you have naturally beautiful red hair, you may enrich it with V-cut and mid-shaft layers. This combination of the red color with long layered hair will give you the gorgeous look you always wanted.

22. Black Colored Hair with Caramel Balayage


Is your damaged hair bothering you? Defy all your hair problems by adding lots of layers and make it look attractive with the caramel balayage.

23. Loose Waves with Golden Balayage


Try this golden-toned balayage to emphasize your long layered hair. These Balayaged waves cascading down the shoulders will make you look stylish effortlessly.

24. Long Blonde Hair with Soft Feathery Layers


Add soft feathery layers to your long blonde hair and look like an angel. If you have thin hair, you should definitely try this out.

25. Waist-Length Red Hair with Textured Layers


Well, long and straight hair requires a lot of care and maintenance, unlike healthy curly hair. Don’t worry! Ask your stylist to add layers with thinning scissors to give a fresh look to your flowing hair.

26. Long Brown Hair with V-Cut Layers


V-shaped layers are one of the classic layered haircuts for long hair. The shorter strands cascading into the longer ones add extra dimensions to your hair.

27. Soft Swoopy Layers


Embrace your long straight hair by adding some soft and wispy layers and look truly adorable.

28. Mid-Back Layered Hair


Blessed with thick and healthy hair? Get the choppy layers to shape up those voluminous tresses. Try long hairstyles with layers for 2020 and separate yourself from the crowd.

29. Waist-Length Curly Hair with Highlights


Long curly hair may sometimes seem to be heavy. Add layers and emphasize your curls in a lighter way and look flawless.

30. Long Subtle Layers with Golden-Blonde Highlights


Here’s one of the best long hairstyles with layers for 2020. The long imperceptible layers with blonde hues will provide you an eye-catching look.

31. Tousled Blonde Hair with Long Layers


Make your thin hair look more voluminous. Try out this tousled blonde hair with curled ends to look cute and pretty.

32. Crisp Layered Waves


If you have naturally wavy hair, add layers to embrace it and have a sexy finish.

33. Long Blonde Hair with Angled Swoopy Layers

Have a close look at this amazing blonde hair with angled swoopy layers.

Hot or Not? What do you say?

34. Long Light Layers Enhanced with Highlights


Well, layers can flatter any hair color! Embrace your naturally brunette shade with long layers. Add partial golden toned highlights further to give you an eye-catching finish.

35. Long Layered Hair with Big Curls


Long hairstyles with layers work with any texture and add extra dimensions to your hair. Choosing a highlight color that resonates with your natural hair hue will provide you a gorgeous finish.

36. Beachy Layers for Very Long Hair


Make your limp hair lively! Try out high-quality long hairstyles with layers. Compliment it with a subtle balayage coloring which is low-maintenance yet classy.

37. Layered Hairstyle with Shadow Roots


The shadow root is among the most trending long hairstyles with layers for 2020. Simply get your hair layered and dye the roots with a darker color than the rest of your hair. This creates a shadow-like contrast which will give you that hot and sexy look.

38. Layered Hairstyle with a Deep Side Part


Give a break to your old middle part. Switch to the layered hairstyle with a deep side part instead and get a new and refreshing look.

39. Lob Layered Hairstyle


Mix up the classic lob with added layers to it to get a ton of body and texture. You may wear it straight, or use a curling-wand for adding loose waves.

40. Ash Blonde Layered Hairstyle


Try to add some face-framing layers to your long hair and get a little extra volume. You may choose the ash-blonde color if not platinum-blonde.

41. Face-Framing Layered Hairstyle


Tired of bulky hair? Thin it out with a feathered, layered hairstyle that falls softly around your shoulders. This is one of the most trending long hairstyles with layers for 2020.

42. Side-Swept Layered Hairstyle


Jazz up your boring hair with side-swept bangs and give it a lighter look. You may add some body, by spritzing some texture spray throughout the hair and scrunching it up at the roots.

43. Super-Long Layered Hairstyle


In this world of pixies and bobs, stand out with a super long layered hair. Add the layers starting from your chin and never let it fall flat.

44. Pastel Pink Layered Hairstyle

Have a modern sexy look with a pastel pink hair having layered, soft waves. Try this layered haircut for long hair and you will never want to change it.

45. Colorful Layered Hairstyle


If you are a colorful person in this boring black & white world then add the rainbow to your long layered hair.

46. Red Layered Hairstyle


Do you have a natural red hue on your hair? Embrace it by adding layers and look attractive without losing originality.

47. Long Layered Hairstyle with Bangs


Sharpen your facial features by making feathery, wispy bangs a part of your layered haircut for long hair.

48. Platinum Blonde Layered Hairstyle


Follow the trend and brighten up your layered hairstyle with an attractive platinum-blonde dye job.

49. Long Silky Strands with Layered Ends


Sometimes long straight locks may look disfigured. You can flip the ends with a ceramic iron or blow dry with a round brush to get them restructured. A warm brown balayage will add much more volume to your laser-straight dark brunette tresses.



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