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best men dress hat brands 2021

Best Men’s Dress Hat Brands in 2021

Most of us can imagine Indiana Jones’s fedora hat, Charlie Chaplin’s bowler, and even Sherlock Holmes’s topper. The fashion experts predicted that the 19th and 20th-century hats would return in 2021.

In case you want to own a classic and timeless hat, here are some of the best men’s dress hat brands that you can easily find anywhere: 


Stetson is famously known for its quintessential cowboy hats. Its quality materials and professional craftsmanship are unbeatable. Stetson was founded in 1865 by John B. Stetson in the West, and since then, this hat brands as one of the best high-end hats up to date. The materials are fused into a Western aesthetic hat that tells the rich history of America. Stetson hats are lightweight and versatile — perfect for any outdoor activities or everyday wear.


This Californian brand is founded by a collaboration of three friends who have a love for fashion. They wanted to create unique hat styles suitable for any occasion, such as beanies and baseball caps. This won’t be on the list if they don’t sell traditional hats! Brixton also offers classic newsboy and conductor caps.

Goorin Bros.

Along with Stetson, Goorin Bros. is one of America’s oldest hat-making companies. It started as a horse and cart in Pittsburgh run by Cassel Goorin, an artisan and hatmaker. He used horses to spread the word about his handmade cowboy hats. Over the years, the legacy continues in crafting quality hats for four generations, and this brand remains a family-run business.

Did you know that this brand made the pork pie hat of Breaking Bad’s Walter White? It is named the “Heisenberg.” This means that Goorin Bros. has maintained an honest reputation since 1895!


Another old hat brand, Dobbs Hats is also associated with great quality and styling. It was previously known as Hat Corp., and it began at 417 Fifth Avenue in New York City around 1908. 

Until today, Dobbs created quality felt hats and straw dress hats. Unfortunately, Dobbs ceased its operations after a century came to a close of hard work and success. The new factory called Hat-Co in Texas continues to make Dobbs Hats as a licensee. Most of the styles they create are in classic shapes. Today, people still consider Dobbs hats as one of the best hat brands. 


Established in 1922, Bailey was the go-to hat brand by Hollywood actors, such as Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart. Bailey creates dress hats and categorizes them into two: Hollywood and Western. Their craftsmanship also differs, depending on the needs of their customers. They have dress hats made from sheep’s wool, unstiffened premium wool, thermosetting yarn, and polished wool felt. With these revolutionary innovations, Bailey hats are also one of the sought-after hats to date.

Ready for 2021?

These are only a few dress hat brands to name. Surely, other quality hats provide a classic look while giving you the comfort that you need. We don’t know what lies ahead of 2021, but we know for sure that dress hats won’t go away from the limelight any soon.



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