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Top 40 Sexy Bob Hairstyles For Black Women

Bobs are one of the best short hairstyles for black women who love to hustle. It’s for all those who want something low-maintenance yet stylish. A perfect bob flatters your face and emphasizes every feature of your face so that you look your best. And the best part of these hairstyles is that if you don’t want to commit to short hair or fear if you would get it right or not, you can use a weave, without touching your natural hair.

However, there are a lot of great bob hairstyles for black women and it might be quite confusing to choose one. So, in this article we have listed the top 40 sexy bob hairstyles for black women that might provide you inspiration for your next trip to salon.

1. Short Feminine Bob


Bob hairstyles for black women are one of the smartest hairstyle choices you can opt which is easy to maintain yet fashion-forward. With ends cut neatly and laid edges, you can hardly go wrong with bob haircuts.

2. Caramel highlighted black bob

The caramel color is one of the perfect options for darker hair. If you get the highlights right, you are gonna look extremely stylish. And, if you get it once, you would want to come back to it again and again.

3. Black Bob With Feathered Bangs


Bob haircuts are flattering for most women. This blunt cut consists of a lot of feathery layers at the top along with blunt out edges at the bottom. Sleek and stylish, this bob haircut for black women has everything needed to give you a well groomed appearance.

4. Asymmetrical Bob

Bobs need not be simple all the time. For an edgier look, you can go for this hairstyle which features an angular cut with layered and wavy hair falling on one side and straight locks on the other. If you are confused whether you want a straight or messy hair, this haircut is a superb way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

5. Short Layered Bob With Thick Bangs


Adding layers to your hair provides you the much needed sass which makes your appearance eye-catching and attractive. The thick bangs add volume to your hair and provide movement which when paired with subtle highlights, gives you a polished look.

6. Inverted Bob For Black Hair

The inverted bob is one of the sexiest bob haircuts for black women. This hairstyle features a short inverted cut with a side-part that looks stylish and flattering. The side-swept bangs contain a lot of layers and the back features inverted tapers towards the neck that gives a unique rounded look. To get a bolder finish, you can add violet-blue highlights like in this picture or any other color of your choice.

7. Textured Bob With Caramel Balayage

The balayage is a popular way of adding extra dimensions to your hair. This caramel balayage with layers looks especially eye-catching when the wind blows through your silky-tresses giving them a naturally wavy look.

8. Curly Bob Hairstyle For Black air

If you have naturally-curly hair, why not embrace it with this bob hairstyle. This lively hairdo features silky curly locks that are cut in a slightly angular fashion and fall naturally. The overall simplicity of this style makes it one of the best short hairstyles for women who are not into frequent maintenance of their hair.

9. Vintage Bob Haircut

The chin-length bob is the most classic short bob hairstyles for black women. It’s timeless hairstyle choice which suits every girl. And the best part of this hairstyle is that you let it grow quite a few inches till your next salon visit and it will still look equally stylish and attractive.

10. Angular Bob

An angular asymmetrical bob looks flattering for both straight and curly hair. Go for a shoulder-length haircut to make the angle look sharper and dramatic. The wavy texture will give more shape and fullness to the style.

11. Layered Pixie Bob

Sometimes it seems intimidating to go for a big chop, but for hair damaged due to heat, you must get your unhealthy ends chopped. However, you don’t need to go for a super-short pixie! A neck length one will give provide ample style and also the necessary length to play with.

12. Glossy Angled Bob

You can try a long bob with shoulder-length layers towards the front and neck-length layers near the back. The A-line cut is completely alluring and you can also go for a weave, if not your natural hair. In that way, you would protect your natural locks without anyone really noticing.

13. Short Thick Stacked Bob

If you have thick and healthy locks, embrace them with this stacked bob which further enhances the body of the cut. These swoopy layers are refined enough for your office days but equally chic for a party weekend. Make sure you keep the split ends trimmed to allow your hair to grow long and full.

14.Braided Bob For Black Women

Short braided bob looks as stylish as those long and thick braids while being much lighter and easier to carry. If you are looking for a major transformation in your hairstyle then these mini, chin-length feed-in braids can prove to be your best friend. Low-maintenance and easy to style, this hairstyle worth being tried by every black girl at least once in their lifetime.

15. Chic Layered Bob


The addition of layers to this cut gives it a graceful silhouette making it one of the best bob hairstyles for black women. The artful stacking of layers almost creates a shag that looks sexy and playful.

16. Middle Parted Shoulder Length Bob

This middle parted layered bob is simple yet chic. The locks fall freely, symmetrically along both sides and act as a beautiful frame for the face. You can keep your hair straight or use a curler for a messier look.

17. Short Curly Bob


There’s no better option than these copper curly bob If you are looking for curly bob hairstyles for black women. Feminine and romantic, these curls are gonna melt all hearts and make you stand out. Pair it up with accessories like round ear-rings to get a more complete look.

18. Curly Pin-Up Bob


Bring back the glory of the popular pin-up styles of the 1940s with this beautiful bob haircut. You can go for the natural black hair like the above pic or choose a reddish tone for a change. Whatever you do, this vintage haircut is surely gonna add some extra style points to your appearance.

19. Unicorn Bob Hairstyle For Black Women


Look bold, look fancy. This layered bob colored with half of the rainbow is NOT for the good girls in the house. Choose this ‘impossible to miss’ hairstyle only if you are a bold and daring girl who aims to conquer the world.

20. Feathered Piece-Y Red Bob

Another bold option among our sexy bob hairstyle for black women is this feathered bob with an abrupt color change. This piece-y bob features bi-colored layered hair separated with a sharp angular contour towards the middle of the hair. Go for a bold tone like the vibrant red in this picture as one tone and your natural hair color as another tone to get his magnificent haircut.

21. Golden Layered Curls


The golden color is a beautiful match for a dark skin tone and looks far more enriching when paired with these short, curvy curls. The layered curls featuring in this hairstyle add volume and extra dimensions to your locks. And the best part of it is that it looks just as glamorous when worn straight and sleek.

22. Braided Bob With Straight Bangs


This ultra-chic hairstyle features a chin-length braided bob with bangs. The straight bangs falling on the forehead makes your face look shorter and is a great option for all those ladies who have a long oval face, or a large forehead.

23. Chocolate Brown Bob With Split Ends


A simple yet stylish option to look gorgeous is this layered bang with split ends. This style will tame the volume of your tresses and would be particularly helpful when you have very thick hair.

24. Jumbo Braided Bob


There’s nothing that tells that you are a lady of sheer power than these jumbo braids tied together to constitute a bob. You can also go for hair wrappings like this pic, or other accessories to get a further detailed finish.

25. Piece-y Black Bob With Partial Highlights

This chic inverted bob with a multitude of choppy, stacked layers can be easily pulled off by black women with thick hair. The highlights add a surprise element to your hair with an unexpected splash of color, while the flipped up peek-a-boo bangs along with the side pieces frame the face perfectly.

26. Short Messy Bob


You can rock your curls even with shorter styles like this hairdo. Loose and wavy, these curls add extra texture to your hair, thereby giving you a perfectly imperfect look. To pull of this style, you need some choppy layers and curly fringes that frame the face. This kind of a messy look gives the impression of a cute girl who jumped off her bed and went out to explore the world.

27. Layered Bob With Swoopy Bangs


Layers add dimensions to your hair that may get lost in the sea of thick, black tresses. These swooping bangs give an extra touch of sass and allure to your bob, which forms a perfect finish. To get a shiny finish like the one in the pic, you can moisturize your hair with some light oil.

28. Short Bob With Sliced Blonde Layers


The sliced blonde layers provide a natural windblown look to this short bob. A quick blow-dry followed by a shake of head is all you need to get the wispy strands fall gracefully around the crown with extra fullness near the back. This hairstyle is a great option for someone who has a healthy straight hair and does not require much styling.

29. Short Bob With Cornrows


Another nice option for braid lovers are these cornrows that are nicely knitted all round the head. Such a braided bob looks stylish and out-of-the box and is a great way to say bye-bye to your ordinary, boring hair.

30. Bold Blue Bob


Here’s another bold option for all the color lovers in the room. You can go creative and experiment with different shades of blue that make your hair look vibrant and lively. sleek and straight, a bob like this is gonna catch all eyes and can prove to be a trendsetter.

31. Black Bob With Feathered Bronde Highlights


Bobs give you a perfect opportunity to look great even with so little length. For example, the bronde feathery highlights on your layered bob to further emphasize upon the layers. To achieve this wavy look, blow-dry your hair and comb the layers in a side-ways fashion.

32. Poker Straight Side-Parted Bob


Short Bob hairstyles for black women are never gonna be bore or a snooze fest. One such hairstyle choice to kick out the boredom is this poker straight bob. And the best art of these hairstyles is that you don’t even need to commit to short hair. You can simply try a weave bob!

33. Long In Front, Short in The Back


Hairstyles for black women need not be simple all the time! Instead, you can try completely contrasting styles on the front and the back of your head. Sporting some long swoopy bangs in the front can completely transform your ordinary look into something ultra chic!

34. Straight Bob With Color Accent


Nowadays, it’s quite trendy to keep natural color at the roots while doing something unusual with the rest of the hair. This straight style is a perfect example of such a trend. The graduated hues from the natural black to aquamarine blue make this style fun and sassy.

35. Cropped Bob For Black Women

You can go for a cropped bob if you want a short, hassle-free style which looks great in all circumstances. You can add in some extra streaks or some subtle highlights to brighten up the attitude brought by this style.

36. Natural Bob Haircut For Black Women


Sometimes it’s great NOT to over complicate things. No frills, no fuss- just natural beauty achieved with black tresses curled with a curling iron. Such a hairstyle looks stylish and true. It’s a tailor made choice for all those girls who want to put out their true self into this deceiving world.

37. Stylish Bob With Undercut


A super stylish and super modern variation of the classic bob is this haircut with undercut near the temple and nape area. The added layers, asymmetrical back and angular sides along with the side swept front, all contribute together to make this hairstyle a marvelous piece of art.

38. Shiny Burgundy Bob


The burgundy color is a great coloring choice for black women and looks seamlessly stylish. In order to avoid too much maintenance, you can start the color a little lower on the roots in order to minimize your trips to the salon for getting touch ups.

39. Half Shaved Bob Haircut


Go for this bold asymmetrical look if you want to grab all the attention. Coloring up the hair with pastel pink will give your layered bob an even hot and sexy finish.

40. Choppy Blonde Bob


To end our list, we have this chic, messy look. The choppy cut provides texture and layers to your hair and thus adds extra dimension to your hair.



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