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20 Best French Crop Haircuts For Men In 2020

The French crop or the crop top haircut is currently one of the trendiest short haircuts for men. This classic and stylish hairstyle comes with a medium to short hair at the top with short sides and back. It is the modified version of the classic military caesar cut with some added length and thus more room for styling. Being a low-maintenance yet stylish haircut, this crop top style has gained much popularity in recent times.

The crop top offers a lot of versatility and looks attractive for most men. It’s especially a boon for all those guys with thinning hair or a receding hairline. You can go for a faded, textured, or messy look and look equally great with all. In short, Whatever style you choose, you cant really go wrong with this french crop haircut.

With the multitude of styling options for this type of haircut, there comes a lot of confusion among guys. So, in this article, we have handpicked 20 best french crop haircuts for men that will upgrade your look by a great extent. So, without any further ado, lets get started.

1. The Classic French Crop


The first hairstyle featuring our list is the classic french crop. This traditional form of the french crop is achieved by clipping or cutting the hair at the sides and the back to make the edges look sharp. There is no room for any fade or undercut in this timeless classic crop top. The classic french crop is all about balance and proportion.


However, the multitude of styling options for the top will fully compensate for the scarcity of them for the sides. If you want a slightly rugged, textured finish, ask your stylist to point cut into the hair to create a sawtooth effect. This is a good option for thicker hair, as it reduces volume from the top.

To get a sharper and neater appearance, you can go for the blunt cut that will produce a more solid shape.

2. Short French Crop


If you are looking for a short, simple, yet trending hairstyle, the short french crop can be the best fit for you. The shorter top can be combined with an undercut or faded sides to produce a contrasting look. This french crop haircut is a nice idea for the hot summers, which will keep you cool and also look cool.

3. Long French Crop


For a more stylish and edgy look, you can have more length and volume on the top, while having the sides and the back cut short. You can choose to have a single long fringe or grow your hair all over.


The added length will provide you extra styling options and you will enjoy playing around with different looks. The best match for this type of top-heavy french crop hairstyle is a short taper fade.

4.French Crop For Receding Hairline


There isn’t a better savior for a guy with receding hairline than a french crop haircut. Adding layered fringes at the top of your hair will push the hairline forward, thereby concealing the balding portion of your hair. To further enhance your look, you can use a lightweight hair product that will add a messy look to your hair.

5. French Crop With Undercut

The undercut is a popular variation of the classic crop top. It adds extra flexibility to the cut thereby making it look cool. To achieve the undercut, you need to leave a long top with buzzed out sides. Avoid any type of fade, if you want a disconnected look. Letting your hair fall on your forehead will make this style sleek and slimming.

6. French Crop With Skin Fade


Another common way to jazz up your classic french crop is by getting a skin fade. It’s an ideal hairstyle choice for all those busy guys in the town who hates maintenance. This style usually looks good with a thick beard and provides the necessary structure that your face needs to look attractive.

7. French Crop For Curly Hair


Curly hair looks equally well with a french crop as straight hair does. You can leave some extra length in the front to emphasize the curls. It’s a great option for guys who want to get over their natural looks and add some extra tweaks to their hair. You can experiment with a slight fade, a low taper, or a high bald fade to complement your curls at the top.

8. Temple Faded French Crop

Temple faded hair can be a nice option to add some subtle details to your french crop, especially if you are not looking for broader fades. You can experiment with long or short hair at the top, whichever looks best for you.

9. The Textured French Crop


Do you want a clean-cut French Crop while still having a rugged look. Well, it’s not that tough, a bit of styling, and you are through. Keep medium length hair at the top and start applying small amount of pomade starting from the root. Mess up your locks with your fingers and the result will be a nice feathery look. While small amounts of pomade will enhance your look, overuse of the product may ruin your hairdo. So be careful!

10. French Crop With High Taper


To achieve a classic yet sexy look, you can go for the high taper fade. This type of faded hairstyle provides you a sleek look without much effort. You can have long or short hair at the top, but to get the best out of this hairstyle, you need to have a layered top with thick textured streaks.

11. Disconnected French Crop


This french crop hairstyle features a medium-length top with an abrupt shortening towards the sides and the back. You can ask your stylist to add a hard part at the point of disconnection to provide more structure to your hair. This disconnected haircut is uber-stylish and requires minimum styling.

12. Blonde French Crop


Styling your french crop hairstyle with a blonde dye is a great way to jazz-up your appearance. You can get a textured top with a high or low fade and add blonde highlights towards the tips to get an eye-catching finish. The dying options are also endless which can vary from light blonde, to caramel blonde to ash blonde.

13. Comb over Crop Top


This French crop haircut with a comb-over isn’t for all. It suits only those men who have a distinct sense of style and a unique charm. This classy and sophisticated look is highly versatile and looks equally great for parties, date nights, or business meetings.


This side-swept hair gives you a gentlemanly look and will make all the ladies in the house fall for you. To style this hairdo, take your long top hair and blow it back.

14. French Crop With Low Fade


Another subtle variation of the classic faded french crop is the low faded hairstyle. It provides you the right balance of style and elegance and you can’t actually go wrong with this superb hairdo. This is a classy way to add extra volume to your hair by not exposing your skull area much, and ideal for office and other formal places.

15. Straight French Crop

This french crop haircut for straight hair is worth giving a try by all those men who have very thin hair and a receding hairline. Keeping the top slightly long will cover your forehead and thus provide extra volume to your hair. The temple faded sides add minor details which makes this haircut look simple yet stylish.

16. French Crop With Design


For a more bold and unavoidable look, you can add designs to your simple crop top. The best way to execute this style is through addition of a hard-parted disconnection which is extended to produce creative designs.

17. French Crop With Spiked Crown


Take your french crop to a whole new level with this sexy french crop haircut. This disconnected crop top is further enhanced with spikes near the crown that create a beautiful contrast with the shaved sides. To achieve this extraordinary look, apply some product near the crown and mess the hair with your fingers and create pointed spikes.

18. Side-Swept French Crop


The side-swept french crop is another elegant and stylish variation of the crop top hairstyle. This simple and classy style requires medium to long length in the front in order to provide some structure. To style this side-swept style, apply some pomade and comb it followed by blow-drying. This hairdo looks best with subtle tapering along the sides and the back.

19. French Crop With Beard

French crops when paired with a beard opens up doors for a whole new world of style. You can go for a high fade, low fade, or temple fade. You can also get your hair feathered and textured to get a more sophisticated look.

20. Messy Crop-Top

To end our list, we have this playful messy french crop which is a great way to look younger and more interesting. Style this tousled hair using hair wax by roughly running your hands through and then pull pieces in different directions. Finish the styling with a light coat of hairspray and you will end up with a hairdo sleek enough to wear out in the town.



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