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How do Makeup Remover Cloths Work?

Cloth for removing makeup

One thing that I don’t like about applying makeup is the fact that I have to get off my makeup; however, it must be completed. The thing I find most irritating is the sheer amount of makeup remover pads I need to use, along with the trash that flows out of them every day! This is the reason why that makeup wiper was appealing to me. It can do the job without adding to our garbage pile. In addition, it’s super smooth and soft on the skin and face without any added chemicals.

The makeup removal cloth?

The makeup eraser is a smooth and soft cloth composed of soft polyester. The fibres measure about one centimetre in length and must be immersed in warm water to get rid of makeup efficiently. All you need to do is rub it onto your face in tiny circular motions and then apply the opposite side to exfoliate and dry. It’s also ideal for sensitive skin as it is free of chemical additives or chemicals that can be found in another cleanser.


What exactly does it remove?

It gets rid of all types of makeup, including concealers for foundations, powders and lipsticks, as well as smearproof and waterproof makeup. They can be removed using only a few wipes, and it leaves skin feeling clean and without leaving any residue.

What is the makeup remover cloth function?

This makeup removal cloth set cloth performs better than a regular washcloth because it’s made up of multiple threads placed on smaller surfaces.

This is beneficial since it aids in friction. The fibres grasp your makeup and then lift it off the skin. The fabric can hold more makeup with less force, which results in minor irritation.

Since the fibres are smaller, they can penetrate the finer makeup particles and provide more excellent complete cleansing.

The cloth also has excellent absorption, which means that when you clean off any makeup you apply, it will not just get smeared across the floor. Instead, it bonds itself to your cloth because of the fibres that bind dirt better and hold it than ordinary cloth.

Warm water also aids the process of cleansing.

Advantages of Make-up Cleanser Cloths

The disadvantage is that they eliminate the majority of your makeup. However, there’s that stubborn, waterproof eye makeup that you might not get free of. If your makeup is a bit stubborn and clings to your skin, it could need you to rub it slightly harder, and that could cause a tugging against your skin. Prolonged use of the fabric could irritate, so it is essential to know the amount your skin can take.

Another issue is to keep your makeup eraser in order as you may be prone to an accumulation of bacteria if you don’t clean it at least every week. It is recommended to squeeze the erasers out, then dry following every use.

Our suggestion:

Use the makeup eraser alongside your other products to erase your makeup. I suggest using this cloth first to clean your face and then take off what you can before getting rid of the more stubborn residue using your cotton pads and makeup eraser. In this way, you’re yet reducing products’ use and the amount of waste produced.




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