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21 Eye Catching Lemonade Braid Options That Suit Everyone

Are you someone who enjoys showing off their hair in a creative and stylish way? If it’s a big YES, then the lemonade braids should be high on your hairstyle bucket list.Practical and attractive, these are trendiest of all the braiding options.

For all the harsh processing your hair tolerates, it truly deserves some rest. And the lemonade braid styles are a perfect way to gift a long vacation to your hair.

From the thick goddess braids to the cornrows and to the micro-braids — lemonade braids come in all shapes and sizes. They provide you an eternal stream of options when it comes to styling. You can decorate them with vibrant colors,jewels and string, beads and baubles, and unique braid cuffs.

One thing’s for sure: there are more than enough attractive and versatile lemonade braids hairstyles to fill up an enormous refreshing pitcher!

The versatility that these lemonade braids provide you will keep your hair ever refreshing. And trust us! you will never get bored with this iconic style.

Braids Named After ‘Lemonade’???

Well, they have nothing to do with lemonades. This braided hairstyle was popularized by Beyonce in her “Lemonade Album”, and hence the name. Lemonade braids have ample greenery with styles that include some Fulani style, a few corn rows, or a combo of Goddess and micro braids. Whether you choose chunky or skinny braids, whether you accessorize them or not, it’s all your choice as long as you abide by the sacred Lemonade law of tresses braided towards sides.

Considering the diversity they have, it might be confusing for you to figure out which lemonade braid you must choose. To simplify your quest, we have listed 21 sexy lemonade braid styles, so, sit back and enjoy.

1. Beyonce Lemonade Braids


Let us begin our list with the sole creator of this iconic hairdo, Queen B. Beyonce rocks with these super long mini lemonade braids. The golden hue throughout her hair gives it a priceless appearance which makes this hairdo a perfect trendsetter.

2. Long Lemonade Braids


Don’t hesitate! You don’t need to have naturally long hair to get these fabulous Lemonade braids. At least not in this era of hair extensions! Lemonade braids are known for their length and with this vibrant golden blonde, your appearance will be further enhanced.

3. Lemonade Braids with Extra Lemon


Let’s make things a bit tangier… and add Lemon-yellow color to a classic lemonade braid. The side-parted braids featuring multicolor beads gives you an exotic, posh look.

4. Thick Wheel-Pattern Braids


If you are looking for thicker braiding options, try the intricate wheel-pattern with your braids. These big lemonade braids extend outward from a central hub like the spokes of a wheel. The Laid edges along with two peek-a-boo braids frame the face.

5. Full Scalp Patterned Side Braids


Never miss any corner of your head when it comes to braids. This hairstyle features an infinity of braids twisting and turning in every possible direction to decorate your crown. The two over-the-ear tresses on the other side create a balancing effect and add to your look.

6. Topknot Lemonade Ponytail Braids


Lemonade braid styles look gorgeous when combined with a ponytail. This hairdo features Tiny, thin braids are interspersed between thick, curvy braids that feed into a playful topknot. The violet tone combined with this hairdo spreads the vibe of a seed bursting into beautiful violet plant.

7. Wrap-Around Triangular Braids


Add some twist to your classic braids and try these lemonade braids wrapped around the head in a triangular fashion. While the four jumbo lemonade braids snake around the head on one side, the other four drops straight down thus creating beautiful triangular sections. This extraordinary hairstyle will provide you an instant-updated look.

8. Cherry-Lemonade Braids


Combining the cherry red with your lemonade braids will result in an eye-catching and mouth-watering combo. The vibrant color gives you a bold look and turns your hair into a yummy candy to melt the hearts.

9. Lemonade Braids with Whirlpool


Even sleek and simple lemonade braids can be greatly enhanced with colors. These golden extensions curving gently around your head are easy to put in but look sophisticated. With braid cuffs and laid edges adding final touches, this elegant hairstyle is good enough to drown anyone into the vibrant whirlpool at your crown.

10. Curvy Cornrows


Do you have very thin and delicate hair? If yes, the super big lemonade braids are naturally out of context for you. Don’t worry, we have a far better option for you! Try this wonderful collection of mini-braids that are intricately tied all around your head. The braids are uber-skinny and uber-stylish.

11. Thin Lemonade Braids in an Updo


Our next hairstyle features sexy lemonade braids with a sizzling ponytail. Getting a ponytail proves to be life-saving for busy queens who work in hot weathers. Such an updo cools down your hair without compromising your looks. Including wooden or ivory beads towards the ends will add a stylish to your look.

12. Side-Parted Loose Cornrows


Well, it’s not at all necessary to have all your braids sweeping towards one side of your head. Just try this hairdo featuring skinny cornrows with unequally distributed braids falling on both the sides. The asymmetry provides a contrast that highly accentuates your face and gives you an updated look.

13. Diamond Goddess-Lemonade Braids


Get all the priceless diamonds at your crown with this amazing lemonade braid style! This hairdo is a beautiful combo of goddess braids and mini cornrows. The goddess braids divide your scalp into a beautiful diamond pattern that looks unique and can be a perfect trendsetter.

14. Back and Forth Skinny Lemonade Braids


Half back, half forth lemonade braids can bea go-to option for a woman who prefers skinny braids over chunky braids. They look beautiful and stylish. Such a hairstyle can work with any braid length and can be recreated with or without braid wraps, beads or other accessories.

15. Sexy Lemonade Braids With Beads


Beads tend to add that extra touch to every lemonade braid style. From wooden to metallic, girly to punk, bohemian or simple styles, there are plenty of beads out there. Choose whatever accessory you like, to have those sexy lemonade braids. Whichever style you have, try to choose a size that will glide seamlessly over your locks.

16. Jumbo Star Lemonade Braids


There’s nothing that tells more that you are a lady of sheer power than this hairdo. The thick braids seem to come out from deep inside your skull and the laid edges frame your face perfectly. This edgy style is far from those traditional lemonade braids and is a perfect means to stand out.

17. Sexy Lemonade Braids with lots of Pinks


If you want those sexy lemonade braids to turn on others, you surely need some pink. Pink makes your braids look magical and is a perfect dye for the hot summers. Whether thick braids or thin, pink goes well with all.

18. Zig Zag Lemonade Braids


Wanna have some more fun! Take hair parting to the next level with these zig-zag lemonade braids. You can highlight the ends, add rings, or add beads and other accessories, or just leave it all-natural. It’s your choice.

19. Lemonade Braid styles With Wraps


Things can get even more creative when you add a few wraps to the lemonade braid styles. You can even experiment with different patterns, thicknesses and colors. Wraps add extra features to your look and are perfect for festive seasons.

20.Thick and Thin Lemonade Braids


Are you among those confused souls who can’t decide if they want to go thick or thin? Well, why choose any one when you can get the best of both the worlds. This hairdo features one medium size braid acts as a part line and divides the scalp sections into two. A thick braid is followed by two skinny ones, and they all work in a team to give you a fabulous braided look.

21. Pulled-Back style


To end the list, we have this sexy pulled back style which is a stunning way to get your features to stand out. Instead of sweeping your braids to one side, pull them back and let your locks fall naturally down your back.

So, that ends our list of Lemonade braid hairstyles. We hope you enjoyed and also recommend that you try one of them at your next visit to the salon. Make sure you share with us which hairstyle you liked the most. We are keen to hear from your end!



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