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Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Camille Grammer's Uncanny Remarks on her Oral Hygiene

Lisa Vanderpump Reacts to Camille Grammer’s Uncanny Remarks on her Oral Hygiene

She used to be a great friend,”says Lisa mentioning about Camille.

Lisa Vanderpump breaks her silence on her “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” castmate, Camille Grammer’s weird remarks about her gum, teeth and breath.

As told by Lisa, they didn’t have any issues face to face; it all started with Camille’s back-bitching about Lisa.

“We were great friends, and then she starts making weird comments about my smile, my teeth, my hygiene,” Said Lisa during an interview on the world dog day. flashing her pearly whites. “My gums never went wrong in my entire life! I never had a problem with my teeth. That’s one thing but then she kinda went on social media telling, “I regret what I said. I was drunk.”

After the episode went viral, Camille responded and apologized for her comments.

“Ugh! I regret for what I said after my cucumber martini,” she said. “I guess…I can’t handle alcohol. I never could. I apologize to the people I insulted. I thought I was being funny. Although I was joking around, but that wasn’t my best moment. Sorry.”

On the same thread, Lisa replied on tweeter to a fan who quoted that Camille was “two-faced” for saying whatever she said and then going to Lisa’s Vanderpump Cocktail Garden opening in the Vegas.

“Yes, I know it all, and she’s now apologizing for being drunk!” Lisa tweeted. “Great…”

Lisa Rinna laughed just as hard as everyone else during the dinner, but later, during a confessional, she criticized Camille for being two-faced , she said, “There’s a wishy and there’s a washy, And Camille is both” with both LVP (hear superficial friend) and Dorit (who she talked you-know-what about a few weeks back).



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