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15 Hottest Long Hairstyles For Boys In 2020

The good old long hairstyles for boys are regaining their popularity in recent times. A lot of guys are now switching to longer hairstyles especially after the outbreak of the pandemic, which compelled people to visit the barbershops less frequently. So, it’s high time for boys to catch this new train of trend before it’s too late.

Contrary to the popular belief, most long hairstyles for boys need lesser maintenance if they are chosen properly. Besides that, they offer a wide spectrum of styling options from the man bun to wavy layers, to the mohawk.

In this article, we have listed some cool long hairstyles for boys along with their do’s and don’ts. So, if you are brave enough to grow your mane long, some crazy stuff is coming your way!

1. Long Layered Bob


Let’s begin our list with this long layered bob which looks super cool on young guys. The wispy bangs falling on the face produces a messy look that looks attractive. It’s a perfectly flattering cut for all those guys who have a long face or forehead.

2. Brushed Back Shag


Our next style features this brushed back shag which goes perfectly with all guys who have soft and wavy hair. To rock this style, you must have long enough hair such that they fall up to your collar after brushing back. A few drops of gel is good enough to give a wet and attractive look to your hair and keep it in place.

3. The Low-Tied Bun


Unlike the popular man bun, this low tied bun is much shorter and adds some extra eye-catching features to your overall look. It’s the best way to style your hair when it’s on the growing phase, waiting patiently to wear some mind-blowing styles in the future.

4. Long Curly Locks

If your son have naturally curly hair, then these long curls are the best way to embrace them. Easy to achieve and easy to maintain, this hairstyle will be an absolute delight for your kid. Let his thoughts flow freely like these amazing curls and give him the childhood which lays the foundation for an upcoming genius in this world.

5. Thick Medium Length Hair


If your son has thick hair, then it might appear too bristly if you go for a buzz cut or other short haircuts. To style such thick tresses, it’s better to allow them grow longer. Such kind of a hairstyle, when paired with texture and fringes will make your child look cute and adorable.

6. Layered Shag With Asymmetrical Bangs


If you want to move out of the retro styles and want a slightly modern look for your modern kid, you can try this asymmetrical shag. This is one of the best long haircuts for boys with thin and straight hair. It’s easy to maintain and looks great even with the minimum usage of any kind of product.

7. Long Afro Hair


If your son has natural afro hair, you can let it grow long all over, to get this super adorable look. Although such hair may take a while to grow big, the results are worth it. This timeless style looks cool and flattering and your boy is surely gonna thank you for this style when he rows up looks at his old pics. You need to use a wide-tooth comb to maintain and detangle such a hairstyle.

8. Stylish Boy Bun


If you are in search of longer haircuts for boys that have added touches of style and class, then this boy bun can be ideal for your son. The high faded sides draw all the attention towards the top knot making it stand out.

9. Long Pixie With Wispy Bangs


Such a pixie cut with long, side-swept bangs can form a very trendy hairstyle for teen guys. The choppy bangs falling at an angle are a great way to upgrade the style sense of a kid who is growing to be a teen. Such a haircut needs minimal styling and is a nice option for boys who prefer to be out in the nature over a salon visit.

10. Middle Parted Layered Hair

Very long hairstyles can be difficult to manage for boys with naturally thick hair, especially during warm seasons. However, curly bob is a great moderation between the extremes of short and shoulder-length cuts. Parting the hair in the center can further give your kid a fun ’70s-style look that’s perfect for school or weekend activities.

11. Dreadlocks


Dreadlocks are unique and popular options among the longer haircuts for boys with afro hair. They offer multiple, eye-catching styling options that tend to make your personality stand out. You can go for the trendy asymmetrical dreads or the backswept style with hairband and temple fade (like this image), or just let them fall freely. The versatility this style offers is truly amazing.

12. Thick Wavy Mess

This is one of the hottest long hairstyles for boys who want to look unique and classy. The heavily feathered hair up to the shoulder along with messy bangs falling on the face are good enough to make any guy stand out. Such a shag doesn’t need a lot of styling and can be left free to grow really long.

13. Long Mohawk


The long mohawk is an uber-stylish long hairstyle choice for boys and is ideal for all those who want to do something radically different. The bald sides, when paired with a really long and porcupine top, is gonna draw all attention towards your son. Spiking the top with gel followed by blow-drying is all you need to style this super modern hair makeover.

14. Natural Long Hair


Well, you may have thousands of fancy haircut options for long hair, but let’s be honest- there’s nothing that looks more stylish and adorable on a boy than his own natural, free-flowing hair. This all-natural look has an unmatched carefree vibe that conveys the world that this kid is born to conquer.

15. Textured Shag With Side-Swept Bangs

Let’s end this amazing list oflong hairstyles on a classy note with this textured shag with side-swept bangs. Such a cool and timeless cut became popular during the ’70s and can be rocked by almost any guy. The slightly curled ends at the back tend to add some extra, minute details to this hairstyle and can be achieved easily by a curler.



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