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PArker Mckenna Posey Facts

9 Facts About Parker Mckenna Posey: Personal Life & Career

Quick Info

  • Parker Mckenna Posey Birthday: August 18, 1995
  • Parker Mckenna Posey Age: 25 Years
  • Nationality: American
  • Born in: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Nick Name: Mookie, PMP, Katie
  • Profession: Actresses
  • Sun Sign: LeoHeight: 5’4”
  • Mother: Heather Stone
  • Father: Polo Posey
  • Siblings: Jake Posey, Carl Posey, Jewel Posey

Parker McKenna Posey is a child prodigy who gained fame since she was a toddler. From her appearance as ‘Kady Kyle’ in ‘My Wife and Kids’, until today, it has been two decades since she started her acting career. Here’s the timeline of events in her life which will inform you everything about Parker Mckenna Posey :

1. Birth Of Parker McKenna Posey- August 18, 1995


(Parker McKenna Posey age: 25) She was born at the Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles, California. Her father Polo Posey is of African-American and Native American descent, while her mother Heather Stone is of Irish and Italian descent.
She has five siblings: Carl (older brother), Jewel (older sister), Dilynne (older half-sister), Khari (older half-brother), and Jake (younger half-brother).
Early Fame

Parker McKenna Posey made her first TV appearance in a commercial for Kodak when she was two years old. Then, she became a model for the Disney catalog and also featured in promotional campaigns for brands like Old Navy. She was also seen as younger Macy Gray in the music video “Sweet Sweet Baby”.

2. Becoming A Child Prodigy


Her talent got recognized very soon and she secured a role in the famous TV show ‘My Wife and Kids’. There, she nailed the character of a sassy, adorable, and occasionally manipulative kid, Kady Kyle. Besides winning a special place in the hearts of her fans, she also got nominated for the ‘Young Artist Award’ in 2002, category: ‘Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Young Actress Age Ten or Under’.

3. Fame Followed

Success chased her harder, and she started appearing in multiple Television Shows like ‘NYPD Blue’, ‘i Carly’, and ‘Strong Medicine’ and also featured in multiple telefilms like ‘Meet the Santas’ and ‘Summer Camp’. Fame grew further and she appeared in ad campaigns for various brands like Visa, Pizza Hut, Verizon, Marshals, Barbie andCap N’ Crunch, and Vons.

4. First Movie Appearance


Parker Mckenna Posey made her movie debut with ‘Alice Upside Down’ in 2007. She was only twelve years old then. Though the film did not perform well, Posey played her part nicely.

The Break
After her film appearance, she went on a long break from acting. She was not noticed for about half a decade.

5. Parker McKenna Posey IG

Amazing energy and never dying confidence is what makes Parker Mckenna Posey so special! It didn’t take her long to make people turn their heads. Yes! She reappeared in a completely new avatar on Instagram and surprised everyone. The mini Kady Kyle people knew was no longer a child, but a grown-up, gorgeous lady. Her kinky-sultry pics on Instagram made people fall in love with her again (but in a new way).

Relationship With Peebles and Then Problem

In 2018, Parker McKenna Posey started dating actor Mandela Van Peebles. Their relationship became public only after a controversial blog post by influential blogger Sandra Rose, where she claimed that Parker was bisexual.
Her mother Heather Stone quoted that everything was planned, and it was an attempt to slander her daughter’s image. She also wrote a letter to Sandra to inform you that she was straight and in a relationship with Peebles.
However, the couple separated, and Parker was spotted with Jason L. Martin, ‘aka’ Problem, spending time in Honolulu, Hawaii. The couples also shared snaps from the vacation on various platforms.

6. The Comeback


Parker Mckenna Posey made her comeback through a series of stage plays like “Restless Peace” and “Shock Therapy”. Her comeback happened in 2015 through a cameo in a short documentary, ‘Lucky Girl’ and from there, she went on featuring in multiple movies. She acted in the sci-fi thriller- ‘90 Minutes of the Fever’ (2016), ‘This Is Real’ (2017), and ‘Streets of Money’ (2017).

7. Relationship and Controversy with Chris Sails

One of the biggest turning points in Parker Mckenna Posey’s life came when she started dating Youtuber Chris Sails. They posted multiple moments of their relationship on various social media platforms. Sails and Parker were both featured in each others’ youtube channels. Even the last video on Parker’s channel showed Chris happily dying Parker’s hair.

But things went wrong. It seemed that Chris physically assaulted her when both of them were drunk. She told the authorities that he punched and slapped her multiple times, strangled her, slammed down her head on the ground which gave her a black eye and bruises. She also posted the picture of her injured face on Parker Mckenna Posey IG:

Criminal documents suggest the YouTuber was accused of third-degree felony assault. According to a Texas judge, Chris was not permitted to leave the state, and his location will be monitored by GPS by the end of the month. He was also not allowed to use his social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram while out on bond.
In October 2018, Chris Sails was arrested for allegedly assaulting Parker Mckenna Posey in their former apartment together in Houston, according to The Daily Mail.
During this entire course, Parker made a series of tweets which made it clear that she was not happy with her current life and she badly wanted to get out of the fuss:

She also thanked her fans through her Instagram post for supporting her in her tough times:

8. Comeback 2.0

Parker took a while to recover from this entire trauma but she came back strong with the popular TV series of 2019, ‘Games People Play’. It featured Posey as one of the three ladies who were striving hard to make a mark in the world of competitive sports. It showed the commitment towards their passion in the ruthless battle for success.

Currently, Parker is working in Josh Webber’s “Conundrum: Secrets Among Friends”- a thriller about longterm friends who decide to take a weekend getaway, to a rented beach house in the Hamptons.

9. New Relationship and Beyond

Parker seemed to happily enjoy the quarantine with her family in LA. In an interview, she talked about ‘self-love’ and her approach towards life. She mentioned how home-cooked food, daily workout, and meditation along with her lovely family make her life perfect. She also described the variety of things she was involved in which include acting, music, and design.

However, the most interesting takeaway for her fans is her new relationship with her old school friend. He says, “I am not single, I am in an amazing relationship with the most amazing person. His name is JJ, he plays football.” She further added, “I knew him for long, I love him, my family loves him, and things are great!”.

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