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11 Funny Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

Reverse Mohawk hairstyles are a fun way to look radically different from the rest of the world. It has been trending for a while and it’s popularity is ever-increasing. However, when it comes to the looks, Reverse Mohawk hairstyles tend to have a very thin line between looking cool and looking funny. That’s why not everyone can rock them.

Well, if you are someone who is getting your hair buzzed, and clicked a pic of your half-done hair just for fun, then it doesn’t require much planning. Any random reverse Mohawk will be good enough to get you tones of likes on social media. But, if you are into a more serious business, and want to wear this style for a while, then it might worth some brainstorming.

What Is A Reverse Mohawk

Let’s first define this style for those of you who are still wandering what this peculiar ‘Reverse Mohawk’ is?

It’s literally the reverse of the popular Mohawk Hairstyle, where you have shaved sides with long hair at the center of your head. Unlike the Mohawk, Reverse Mohawk hairstyles are shaved at the center with longer sides. It looks quite funny on most guys and only the rarest of rare can rock such a hairstyle.

How To Do Reverse Mohawk

If you are a guy of some extreme choice of fashion, and decided to rock the reverse Mohawk then we have some simple steps for you to follow. :

  • At first, you need to dampen your hair with some moisturizer to make sure your hair is settled properly for this epic hairstyle.
  • Then brush it thoroughly to remove any existing tangles. Make sure you move the brush from front to back of your head in straight sweeping motions. You must do this patiently and gently to get the best results. Once your hair is detangled, you are all set for your Reverse Mohawk Hairstyle.
  • Now, get ready for the climax… Take the fading machine and fade your hair right from the center of your head all the way to the back. Run the machine a few more times until you get a uniform length.
  • Now brush the remaining hair to the sides and you are ready to take one of the funniest Instagram pics that you have ever uploaded.

Most Funny Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles For Men

Now, lets explore some of the cool variations of Reverse Mohawk hairstyles which you can opt for. Some of these are merely for having fun, while others can prove to be really smart hair choices in the long run. So, get ready for this crazy hairstyle adventure.

1. Blonde Reverse Mohawk


Let’s start with this blonde hairstyle which is among the rare reverse Mohawks that are worth giving a try even outside the doors of the barbershop. The blonde dye along with the cropped out centre create a nice contrast making it a unique style.

2. Reverse Mohawk For Old Guys


Old men can try this funny style, which features long hairs scattered all around along with an absurd lack of greenery near the center. Such a hairstyle is good enough to make even the most serious homo sapiens choke with laughter.

3. The Reverse Mohawk Buzz


The Buzz cut is one of the most popular short haircuts for men. But when it’s shaved right at the center, it looks fun and crazy. Such a look will remind people of a grassy lawn which is in the process of being cleared.

4. Reverse Mohawk For Long Hiar


This is one of the less funny and more practical reverse Mohawk hairstyles for men with a receding hairline. A long hairstyle will look extremely cool with a reverse mohawk and will turn a boring, balding guy into a fun-loving dude.

5. Spiky Reverse Mohawk


This spiky style is yet another cool variation of reverse Mohawk. To achieve this look, Buzz out the center and apply some product to the sides of your hair to lift them. Such a look can give you a lot of attention in the social media, but it’s better not to carry it outside the safe boundaries of your barbershop.

6. Bald Reverse Mohawk

Not all Reverse Mohawks happen in the barbershops. Some are also a gift of nature. Our next hairstyle features such a gifted fellow and it’s a perfect example of how you can have balding hair but still face the world with confidence.

7. Crazy Pink Reverse Mohawk


Now Comes the crazy stuff! This pink reverse Mohawk can bring alot of attention towards you in all the wrong ways. Also notice the matching glasses and the pink lollipop that complement this funny look, worthy enough to go viral.

8. Reverse Mohawk Afro


It’s quite true that Afro hair is tailor made for some crazy experimentation. But matters move to a whole new level when you try reverse Mohawk on Afro hair. And the most amazing part is that you can pull off such unexpectedly funny looks in a matter of minutes.

9. Reverse Mohawk For Children


Why should men adults have all the fun! Reverse Mohawks can make kids look unique and truly adorable. This funny reverse Mohawk features two-toned blue hair on either side of the head and is perfect for all the mischievous kids in the house. Such hairstyles look great even with wider shaved patches in the center.

10. Reverse Mohawk U-Cut


This U-Reverse Mohawk is another barbershop exclusive hairstyle. You can easily pause for such a funny pic before getting the complete haircut. Such crazy images when added to your Instagram stories, will reveal the fun side of your character in front of others.

11. Reverse Mohawk For Curly Hair

The last style featuring our list is one among the Cool Reverse Mohawk Hairstyles for men with curly hair. You can also pull off a clown look with such a hairstyle. All you need is some added length near the sides followed by brushing your hair sideways. A narrow faded center will be a better fit for this style.



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