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Top Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

35 Incredible Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

Shoulder length hairstyles are the most trending and versatile hairstyles on earth. They suit every face shape and hair type.

Whether a chic, sophisticated corporate look or a light casual look for the weekend or a sexy party look, they fit well for any and every need.
Medium-length hairstyles are ideal for you if you believe in the “everything in moderation” philosophy of Oscar Wilde.

There are tons of uber medium-length hairstyles to choose from to make your hair look awesome. Here are the top 35 beautiful hairstyles for shoulder length hair.

1. Layered Straight Hair


Layers provide body, thickness, movement, and dimensions to your hair. While straight hair may seem limp, flat and boring, adding layers will enhance both the beauty and longevity of your hair. Shoulder length hair with layers is easy to maintain and versatile to any face shape.

2. The Layered Bob


Bobs are beautiful hairstyles for shoulder length hair. Having a layered hairstyle with bob which is parted with a comb will make you look much more interesting. And guess what? You can easily wear it for the entire day.

3. Slight Side Parting


Keep it simple and look your best. Get blunt shoulder length hair with a slight side parting. This will especially help to soften a square or rectangular face by covering the wide cheekbones. Adding thin side bangs will give you an even better finish.

4. Medium-Length Hairstyle with Gradual Lob


Try this graduated lobe which is long in the front and shorter at the back. Ideally, the hair should graze your shoulders. However, you may try slight variations in the length according to your face shape. Whether parted with a comb or messed up, this hairdo looks equally great.

5. Turned-In Hair


Shoulder-length hairstyles get transformed when complemented with deep side-swept bangs. Having a light color in the bangs will further accentuate your eyes. The curled-in ends put extra emphasis on your jawline making it look sharper and sexier.

6. Straight Shaggy Shoulder Length Hair


Go for the shag if you have straight hair. The layers help to add extra texture and volume. Try partial highlights to get a well-defined finish.

7. The Slick Back Look


A bit of styling gel followed by side parting. That’s all you need to achieve this stunning hairdo. You may adjust the parting according to your face shape.

8. Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Beautiful Curls


Get everyone wowed with this heavily curled hairdo. If you have natural curls, apply some curl defining cream on damp hair and let it dry. The magic will follow!

9. Asian Hairstyle


As compared to the Caucasian hair, Asian hair has a coarser texture. It is thicker, straighter and stronger thus making it ideal for any and every haircut. You can try the piece-y bangs aka thin or wispy bangs – combined with subtle waves. Ask your stylist to make your bangs fall

10. The Chic Bob


Wear this chick bob and let the feathered bangs draw everyone to your magical eyes.

11. Blonde Hair with side parting


Try the classic blonde along with dramatic side-swept bangs. The slight layers will soften your face while the swooped bangs will decorate your forehead.

12. The Wavy Bob


Now, this seems one of the most beautiful layered hairstyles for shoulder length hair! The wavy bob looks magical with the bangs uplifted using a round brush.

13. Natural Hair


What you need sometimes is simplicity. Just be yourself and get a natural shoulder length cut.

14. Blunt Shoulder Length Hair


Are you tired of layers? Try the blunt shoulder length hair as a change. It’s versatile and easy to maintain. The blunt cut looks chic, sophisticated, and flatters most face shapes.

15. Perm Shoulder Length Hair


If bouncy, beautiful curls are what you want, the perm is for you! With the longevity of about six months, a perm will relax the efforts that you make for your tresses. It will reduce the damage you cause to your hair as you don’t need to regularly curl it with heat tools.

16. Medium-length hairstyle for fine hair


A shoulder length cut will make your fine hair appear denser and healthier. Add subtle waves and highlights to make your hair look even thicker.

17. Shoulder length haircut for women with thick hair


Make your long thin locks fall in place by cutting them short. This will free you from the tedious task of washing and maintaining long hair. Try adding some choppy layers to thin out your tresses and provide some movement around the cheekbone for a flattering feminine look perfect for every day.

18. Shoulder Length Hair with Bangs


Long, layered, face-framing bangs match perfectly with shoulder-length hair. This cute, casual, and youthful option works well for both thick and thin hair. Take your hairdresser’s advice to choose the perfect bangs that suit your hair type and face shape.

19. Black Hair


Are you tired of the rainbows in your hair? Return to the good-old-days of your classic black hair. Well, very long black hair comes with its own drawbacks and may give too much Goth-vibe. While, blunt, stick-straight, and smooth shoulder length hair will give you a bold and modern look.

20. Shoulder length hairstyles for women with braids


Braids look lovely for any hair length, including medium-length hairstyles. They flatter most face shapes, giving a slimmer and longer look to your face. Braids range from micro braids, twists, and box braids. Try anyone and you won’t be disappointed.

21. Messy Bun


Craving for that ideal weekend look? Try the messy buns. While shoulder-length hair isn’t quite long for topknot bun, the messier ones at the back of your head look great. They look better with shorter hair length and thus are a perfect fit for you. A messy bun will provide you the perfect casual look to enjoy your weekend on the beaches.

22. Basic Brunette


Add the glossy, shiny look to your tresses with the classic brown shade. Brunette hair comes with tons of range from muted brown to dirty brunette. You may choose any and combine it with your shoulder length hairstyles.

23. The Standard Bob


If the classic bob seems too small for your hair, take it down by an inch or two. Your face will look longer and prettier. Don’t forget that inner curl at the bottom which will draw all the eyes back to your evergreen face.

24. Burgundy Babe


The Burgundy dye looks vibrant and sophisticated with medium-length hairstyles. Color the entire length of your hair or highlight some specific parts, it’s your choice.

25. The Textured Lob


If you have thick and wavy hair, embrace it with a shoulder length textured lob.

26. The Incomplete Wavy Mess


Wanna add volume to your hair? Make it wavy, messy and incomplete to have a sexy, seductive look. You can achieve this by keeping your shoulder length hair in the curler for 5 seconds followed by running your fingers through it.

27. Layered Curly Hair


Embrace your naturally curly hair with layers. It will make sure that your curls fall in the right place and don’t overwhelm your face or become too heavy. Ask your stylist to start adding layers to your shoulder-length hair starting from your chin and angled downwards.

28. J-Law Waves


Do you have thick long hair? Jazz it up with this hairdo. The blunt ends add volume to your hair and make the lower half of your face look thinner. Use a curling iron to form the waves and get a stylish finish.

29.The Red Lob


Tired of your boring black hair? Go red! Ask your stylist to add slight layers in the front along with the side bangs. This intense hairdo will charge you up to face the world with more confidence.

30. Vibrance with Color


Set the trend and throw some colors to your simple layered hairstyle. Try the enriching mix of lavender and pale blue to get a sexy, edgy finish.

31. Big Wavy Hair


If you have a round face, try the middle-parted big wavy hair. The wavy locks will add height to your face and sharpen your features. Also, let some hair fall on your face to make it look even better.

32. Trendy Teal


Catch the train of the latest trends with the teal. Combine it with your shoulder length hair with layers and steal everyone’s eyes.

33. Thick Wavy Textured Blonde Bob

Thick-Wavy -Textured-Blonde-Bob

Have sunshine in your hair with the natural waves dyed blonde. This bob boasts the playful shaggy layers and is very easy to maintain.

34. Medium Layers with Flipped Ends


Flipping out the ends is a more traditional way to style shoulder length layered hair. It softens the shape of your cut and introduces some movement.

35. Thick Wavy Balayage Hair


This medium-length haircut is super versatile. You can have a casual and messy look or get it work-ready by a bit of styling. The soft-wavy balayage curls will make your shaggy hairdo sophisticated.



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