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Top 15 Eye Catching Temple Fade Haircuts For Men

Top 15 Eye-Catching Temple Fade Haircuts For Men

Temple fade cuts still remain as a small unexploited Island in the huge world of men’s hairstyles. Modern temp fade provides guys with a variation over the mainstream taper fade. Besides being a safe option, temp fades are quite versatile and can be used to provide added features to almost any haircut.

This hairstyle was initially seen on the Afro hair only but with time, it has transcended the races and it is now worn by Asians and Caucasians as well.

What are Temple Fade Cuts?


Well, you don’t need to be an Einstein to know what temple fade means!

As the name implies, temple fade cuts are very specific fade where only the temple area on both sides and the nape area at the back of the head are faded out. Then a trimmer or razor is used to cut sharp edges into your hairline. This produces a clean and fresh line up that will highlight your masculine cheeks and chiseled face.

Temple fade haircuts for men require detailed trimming. So, you should prefer a skilled and experienced barber to get the best finish.

Temple Fade V/S Taper Fade

Temple fades are often confused with taper fades. The latter is much broader and includes all types of fades like low, mid, and high as well as the burst and drop fade. The former is narrower and limited to the temple area only. It originally shaves off the sideburns plus a small area by the ear.

Who Should Have a Temple Fade?

If you are a newbie in this world of temp fades, you can definitely try one. However, you must be cautious not to over-commit it to a full fade. Also, it works really well for round and square face shapes.

A temple fade haircut removes weight from the sides of your head, thereby embracing a square or a round face shape. The closely cropped sides along with a long top will help to elongate your face, making it look slimmer.

15 Temple Fade Styles That Will Make You Look Attractive Instantly

Temple fades can be combined with a lot of hairstyles to add subtle detail. Here are 15 temp fades that will provide you inspiration for your next trip to the salon.

1. Buzz Cut with Neck Taper


A simple buzz cut might look boring to you. Why not combine it with a temple fade along with a neck taper? With the sharp edge up and low fade, this short hairstyle for men offer you a classic military look.

2. Temple Fade + Neck Taper


Unlike other fades that go all way around your neckline, the temp fade with neck taper contains some hair in between your sideburns and neck which produces a two-fold gradient effect.

3. Temple Fade with Taper and Deep Part


To look stylish, you can add a taper to your short haircut with a deep part and combine it with faded temples.

4.  Medium Length Blowout Hairstyle


A bald fade around the temples looks great with a slicked back medium length hairstyle. The short taper all around adds further details to provide you a classic charming look.

5. Temple Fade with the Hard Part

Adding further designs on your hair makes you look bold. Try a deep part on a buzz cut and combine it with faded temples. You can experiment with the hard part and make it straight, cut it in an arc, or even zig-zag.

6. Temple Fade Haircut For Afro Hair


Afro hair and temp fade are a pair made in heaven. If you have a typical afro hair with rough curls, you must try a temp fade. Shaved temples give you the most updated afro hair.

7. Twisted Curls


Another typical afro style is the twisted spiked curls of medium length. The blow out is a great addition to such a hairdo as the hair is long all over with clean-cut edges.

8.    Temple Fade For Curly Hair


Temple fade cuts suit Caucasian curls as well. Shaved temples will create clean edges for longer curls that upgrade your look.

9.    Short Haircut with Long Bangs And Temple Fade


Temple fades look equally awesome with long bangs that fall on your forehead. Consider adding a deep part to get a sharper finish.

10. Temple Fade Frohawk


You can try the Frohawk for afro hair to get some added style points! Unlike the classic burst fade which is all the way around your ears, this fade is more focused at the temples which looks beyond ordinary.

11. Temple Fade Mohawk


Take any hairstyle, and the blowout will further enhance it. The hint of the skin creates a beautiful contrast with the long taper and spiky top which makes this platinum mohawk look magical.

12. Blowout Mess


The temple fade adds further details to long wavy and messy hair. It looks especially attractive for guys with a sharp jawline.

13. Blowout + Beard


This is one of the best temple fade haircuts for men with beard. The short cut has a hint of Caesar bangs which is separated from the beard with an intense fade near the temples.

14. Blow Out Pomp


This hairstyle features a blow out with a pompadour at the top. Unlike the usual high pomp fade, this is more concise and limited to the temples only. It gives slight mohawk feeling and can be styled to get a high-volume slicked back top.

15. Blowout Braids


Long braids at the top create a brilliant contrast when combined with the temple fade. This afro style will instantly steal all the eyes.

We hope you liked our short-handpicked collection of temple fade haircuts for men. Make sure you try at least one and also let us know which one you chose.



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