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Top 40 Feed In Braid Styles For 2020

Top 40 Feed In Braid Styles For 2020

Feed in braids is a technique to make the braids look natural as if they are growing from the scalp. They are fantastic styles to try if you want to upgrade your look. They prevent hair breakage and need less maintenance.

Feed in braids styles give you plenty of options. You can wear them loose, create an updo, or make a ponytail out of your braids. You can also accessorize your braids with beads, braid cuffs, rings, etc. Anyone with afro hair must try a braided look at least once in their life.

There are plenty of braid options and you might get confused about which one to choose. To help you out, we have listed the top 40 stunning feed in braid styles you can choose from.

1. Half-Up, Half-Down Cornrows

Half-Up, Half-Down Cornrows

We will begin our list with this gorgeous half-up, half-down hairstyle. This hairdo has all the small braids combined to make a big braid. The big braid is preferred as it is very creative and unique. If you are looking for beautiful feed in braids styles, you should definitely try this one.

2. Braided Side Ponytail

Braided Side Ponytail

How often do you get irritated with the hair falling off your neck and back in the summers? Yes, we know….It gives you an unpleasant and sticky feel. Why not try this high ponytail that falls on the sides? Not only does the combination of thick and thin braids look amazing but it also saves you from the sweaty summers.

3. Octopus Braids

Octopus Braids

The octopus braids create a beautiful and unique design that will surely stand out. The braids look like the denticles of an octopus which is a unique marine specimen to have on your head. You can also accessorize the hairdo to get a bolder look.

4. Beautiful Braided Bun

Beautiful Braided Bun

This hairstyle features feed in braids that are tied neatly to form a beautiful braided bun. The bun sitting high along with some hair left down in trendy braids produces a gorgeous style that will suit anyone. You can even accessorize your bun with beads and the rest of the hair with braid cuffs.

5. Half-Up, Half-Down Braids

Half-Up, Half-Down Braids

Are you confused if you want an updo or falling hair? Let’s combine them! The half-up bun is a cool and trendy way to have the best of both worlds. For this hairstyle, half of the braids are put up into a bun and the other half are left loose.

6. Feed In Braids with Braid Cuffs

Feed In Braids with Braid Cuffs

The long feed in braids look simple yet stylish. You can always design a creative look by adding braid cuffs and beads to your braid. For a subtler look, you can exclude the accessories and look naturally beautiful.

7. Trendy Fishbone Braids

Trendy Fishbone Braids

This is one of the trendiest feed in braids style. The long-braided hair with fishbone design gives you a modern updated look. This unique hairdo is slightly complicated to achieve but it gives you worthwhile results. You can also try this hairstyle with shorter braids.

8. Fulani Cornrow Braids

Fulani Cornrow Braids

You should try the Fulani braids at least once if you have afro hair. This beautiful feed in cornrow Fulani makes you look like an angel. You can either leave it braided or jazz it up with accessories, it’s your choice!

9. Braided Ponytail with Color

Braided Ponytail with Color

A long braided ponytail is all you need to make a mark. This trendy ponytail has a combination of thick and thin braids and is accessorized with braid cuffs. You could have your natural hair color or pick a few from the rainbow. A new color is a great way to have a fresh and updated look.

10. A Work of Art

artistic hairdo

The 10th haircut in our list features a true artistic hairdo designed for special occasions. The versatility that feed in braids can offer will surprise you. This artistic work is just an example to inspire you for showing your full creativity when it comes to your own hair.

11. Beautiful Side Braids

Beautiful Side Braids

The long side braids look truly beautiful on everyone. Jut look at how effortlessly the braids fall on the sides forming a beautiful pattern. You can also add some color or highlights on your braids to make them stand out.

12. Jumbo Feed In Braids

Jumbo Feed In Braids

Having greater density means you have the liberty to do anything with your hair without causing much damage. For example, jumbo feed in braids are stylish and can be arranged in a lot of ways. These braids are simple but form a beautiful design. They suit almost anyone and can be worn by short or long hair.

13. Center Braid with Accessories

Center Braid with Accessories

The center braids create a stunning radial symmetry that pleases all eyes. They are very trendy and worn by most celebrities nowadays. You could leave them natural or further combine these with accessories like small gold rings, braid cuffs, or beads.

14. Trendy Thin Double Braids

Trendy Thin Double Braids

A combination of thick and thin braids features next in our list of feed in braids. The thin double braids paired with single lines of thick braids add extra details to your hair making it look modern. Try this hairdo and make every other fashionista hair envy. 

15. Accessorized Feed In Braids

Accessorized Feed In Braids

Do you want a trendy mixed metal look?  Try this beautiful accessorized Fulani braid style. Make sure you decorate the braids with braid cuffs and a variety of metallic beads like gold.

16. Braided Ponytail with Braid Cuffs

Braided Ponytail with Braid Cuffs

A super trendy braided ponytail is our next hairdo. It contains thicker braids that look natural. The consistently added braid cuffs create a smooth design throughout your hair that will catch all the attention. You can also complement it with beads at the ends to get a slight variation.

17. Feed In Braids with Color

Feed In Braids with Color

Wanna get a cool icy look for the coming summers? Try to add the icy grey towards the bottom of your intricate feed in braided hairstyle. This combination of thick and thin braids along with the color gives you a fantastic trendy look.

18. Feed in Braids with Triangle Parting

Feed in Braids with Triangle Parting

Our next braided hairdo features a funky-innovative design. In this hairstyle, the feed in braids are swept back and the front section contains funky triangle partings. It’s amazing how such a simple design can create a huge statement! You can also play with the size of the triangles according to your choice.

19. Statement Feed In Braids

Statement Feed In Braids

Cut the throat of your critics with long-thin braids that have razor sharp ends! This hairstyle has thin Fulani braids that are arranged into an updo. The thin braids create an intricate finished look that is sufficient to make anyone fall for you. You can also recreate this hairstyle with the accessories of your choice.

20. Side Braids

Side Braids

The stylish side braids look truly adorable. This hairstyle features feed in braids which begin from one side of the head and are braided over to the other side. The best part of this hairdo is its natural look. You can also show some creativity and add a vibrant tone or some highlights to make your tresses look even better.

21. Thin Feed In Braids with Beads

Thin Feed In Braids with Beads

Our next idea features thin feed in braids. You can put the braids on the sides to make it look like a ponytail. The central braid design adds to the look making this hairdo fit for anyone. You have the full freedom to choose and experiment with the beads and the length of your braids.

22. Feed In Fulani Braided Bun

Feed In Fulani Braided Bun

Well, we all know about the Fulani braids… how about combining them with a high bun at the top? You can be assured to have a fantastic look. Don’t take our words for granted, look at the image and figure it out yourself. This hairdo can be worn by women of all ages. You can even color your hair or add highlights for added touches. 

23. Braided Ponytail with Wooden Beads

Braided Ponytail with Wooden Beads

Wood is a perfect symbol of nature. Adding wooden beads to a high ponytail gives you a stylish-natural look. It makes you look fresh and unique. You can recreate the hairdo with shorter, thinner or thicker braids. Although the braids add some extra weight the results are worth it

24. Feed In Lemonade Braids

Feed In Lemonade Braids

Another natural braid option can be the gorgeous lemonade braids. Popularized by celebrities like Beyonce, this hairstyle is all you need to create an impression. You can play with your tresses to have the most unique pattern according to your choice.

25. Layered Feed in Braids

Layered Feed in Braids

You are free to go out of the box! Instead of having a braided pattern at the front, try it at the back. It may sound crazy but it works well. This feed in braids style is a must try if you are in love with layers.

26. Elephant Trunk

This modified version of a ponytail is worth giving a try. The mixture of thick and thin braids on the head that meet to create a high and thick ponytail that falls on your back like an elephant’s trunk. This hairstyle is easy to wear and suits everyone.

27. Tribal Feed in Braids

Tribal Feed in Braids

Contrary to the name, the tribal braids give you the best possible chic hairstyle. The feed in braids are neat, sleek and long with a cool central braid and two braids that go in different directions. This effortlessly stylish hairstyle can be kept long or worn with shorter braids.

28. Red Feed in Braids into a Braided Updo

Red Feed in Braids into a Braided Updo

There is nothing that tells, “Girl is on fire!” than this hairdo. This gorgeous updo has subtle cross design at the front with the rest of the braids styled into an updo. If you want to go for a party or a special occasion then this is one of the best feed in braids styles that you can wear.

29. Half Up, Half Down Braided Ponytail

Half Up, Half Down Braided Ponytail

If style had an image then here it is! This hairstyle features feed in braids that are crisscrossed at the front with a small section at the back tied into a ponytail. The added section of braids which has a different color enhances the hairdo further. You should definitely try such a trendy and cool hair idea.

30. Medium Length Braids with Beads

Medium Length Braids with Beads

Not a big fan of really long braids? No worries. You can always get the shorter feed in braids styles and still create the same impact in the world. Also consider adding beads to your hair.Even the simplest of beads jazz up your hair and make it look trendy. You can go for clear beads or opt for beads with bolder colors according to your sense of style.

31. Trendy Feed in Braid Style

Trendy Feed in Braid Style

Next, we have another version of the half-up hairstyles. This one features long feed in braids with a unique design. Two braids on each side have been brought around to the back to create that half-up look. We love this idea because it is so elegant and chic. You can recreate this idea with the different braid thicknesses or choose something simpler.

32. Long and Colorful Braids

Long and Colorful Braids

Black hair may sometimes seem very boring. Get out of your comfort zone with a blend of beautiful red shade that merges to the blonde ends. The added touch of colors gives a fresh look to the feed in braids. Unique in every sense, this hairdo can be a trendsetter for 2021.

33. Long and Blonde Feed in Braids

Long and Blonde Feed in Braids

Small changes here or there are alright. But when it comes to transforming your hair in a true sense, there is no better option than this hairdo. These extra-long blonde braids seem to carry their own legacy. You can get any blonde shade but for a special-summer look, you must go for a lighter tone.

34. Braided Bob

Braided Bob

While the long braids look gorgeous, they come with drawbacks. During the peak summers, they may seem to be to warm. To get a perfect summery look, try a short bob. Besides looking cool and modern, a braided bob provides you a light and easy to wear option.

35. The Hive

The Hive

Want a truly natural look? Why not have the beehive on your head? Yes…The colorful yellow and white braids that are tied in an updo creates the perfect beehive effect. Wherever you go, this truly unique hairdo will create a bold statement everywhere.

36. Chunky Feed in Braids in a Ponytail

Chunky Feed in Braids in a Ponytail

We know how much you love the ponytail. Here’s another option specially made for you. The thin and thick feed in braids constitute a beautiful ponytail and complimented with two loos braids at the front. This hairdo is trendy and easy to wear. You can also try accessorizing it if you like.

37. Feed In Ghana Braids

Feed In Ghana Braids

The stunning Ghana Braids give you the look of a Queen! This feed in braids style literally suits anyone with fro hair. This hairdo looks equally awesome with long, medium, or short braids. We highly recommend you to try this braided style.

38. Geometric Undercut

Geometric Undercut

This feed in braids style left us speechless when we first saw it. This geometric undercut with the jumbo braid is true eye candy. The thick ponytail creates a beautiful contrast with the undercut to give you an appearance that is unique in every sense.

39. Chunky Bob

Chunky Bob

A chunky bob with feed in braids is a slight variation over the classic bob. It is a trendy short hairstyle for women with afro hair. This chunky bob requires less time to install and is thick and strong. It’s a perfect choice for someone who wants to switch from a long hairstyle.

40. Pigtail Bun

Pigtail Bun

This is another amazing and unique hairstyle with feed in braids. It has wide braids that are pulled into pigtail styles. The pigtails are further pulled into a classic bun to produce this ultra-modern hairdo.

So, that was our collection of the top 40 feed in braid style. Hope you liked them. Make sure you try at least one and let us know in the comments about which one you tried.



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