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Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

33 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

You are all set for that big day of your life. Your Wedding venue is selected, gown has been chosen, and flower arrangements are already made. But you suddenly come across something in your wedding day check-list which is not yet finalized- your bridal hairstyle.

With all the excitement pumping in your heart and a million hairdo options floating in your head, you are literally paralyzed and can’t come to a conclusion. To make matters even worse, you have long hair- So, more options and thus, more confusion. “Should I get it chopped? Or should I keep it the same…. Will I look prettier with a ponytail or a braid or long waves?”.

Well, it’s true that the options are endless when it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair, and it’s quite tricky to choose one. So, to help you out, we are sharing our list of the best wedding hairstyles that worth having your attention before you take your final call for the big day.

1. Symmetrical waves


If you are blessed with hair that responds well to a curler, we recommend this romantic wavy ‘do. These perfectly symmetrical waves can never go wrong. This is one of the best long hair wedding styles if you’re getting married indoors, as you are assured that the weather is not gonna ruin your curls.

2. Braided updo


This intricate wedding hairstyle features an elaborate updo that is perfect for brides with long locks. Such a style that involves curls and twists with a whole lot of bobby pins is sure to turn heads on your big day. This is also a great way to stay cool if you are getting married in the summer as it keeps your long hair off your back and out of your face.

3. Ballerina bun


A ballerina or donut bun can prove to be your go-to wedding hairstyle for long hair if you are looking forward to an exciting dance night. It allows you to dance without worrying about your hair coming out or getting in your face. You can easily achieve this perfect bun with a circular foam bun shaper. However, professional wedding hairstylists have their own bag of tricks to make it last! Still not convinced? How about an extra inch or two that this ‘do add to your height?

4. Embellished bow


Bows are trending like no other bridal hair accessory in 2020. This sweet accent gets a grown-up twist when paired with a flawless chignon bun. To achieve the ultimate bridal vibes, choose the white bow or opt for a black velvet bow for a hint of edgy romance

5. Formal chignon


You might prefer a sophisticated hairstyle for more formal venues, like a country club, ballroom, or historic estate. This elegant chignon can be easily created with straightened or relaxed hair. Pair it up with pearl earrings to complete your wedding look.

6. Loose braid with flowers


It’s not at all necessary to go so formal on your wedding day when it comes to your hair. Sometimes a messy, undone braid can give you the best wedding hairstyle you ever imagined. A halo of greenery and spray roses will add extra ethereal touches to your hair making it perfect for photos.

7. Sleek & straight


Say something that doesn’t have curls! Well, here you go. For the bride who wants to keep her attire simple yet modern, smoothed-out strands are a polished option. A central part accessorized with a thick headband is a great way to show how fashion-forward you are.

8. Low ponytail


Even a basic ponytail can construct stylish long wedding hair when worn low and tousled. Cover the hair tie while leaving a few strands loose around your face for an effortless and practical result.

9. Side-swept braided bun


A braided side updo like this would be a stunning choice if you’re wearing a tulle ball gown or planning a romantic garden wedding. Combining it with pink and red blooms paired with rose gold earrings are ideal when it comes to a perfect bridal look.

10. Knotted ponytail


If you are looking forward to a beach or outdoor wedding, this knotted ponytail will be a perfect fit. It features a unique updo which is a twist on the typical braid and is stunning with or without floral accents. Plus, it’s a great way to emphasize your wedding dress if you’re wearing a gown with a statement back.  

11. Faux-hawk


Where are our bold and daring brides? We have something fun for you! Steal the show with this mohawk-inspired updo by piling your curls on top of your head. This completely non-traditional look will add that surprise element to your look and will surely turn heads.

12. Wedding Hairstyle With Fishtail braid


Look every bit of the princess you are with this Elsa-inspired fishtail braid that keeps your hair under control on the big day. This hairstyle choice is quite versatile and goes well with all types of venues and seasons, whether you’re having a rustic summer barn wedding or hosting a winter wonderland-themed celebration. 

13. Side Ponytail


Ponytail lovers, here’s another option for you! There couldn’t be a more perfect wedding hairstyle for brides with long hair. Such a curly, side-swept style is versatile and romantic. Consider pairing it with a fitted lace gown and beaded hair brooch to really play up the vintage vibe. 

14. Barrette


A low ponytail with a circle barrette is a simple and minimalistic approach to dress your long wedding hair. You will be amazed to see the effortless flair it adds to your look.

15. Bridal Hat


A bridal hat is a perfect example of a returning old-school wedding accessory. It’s a super easy but unique way to change up your look throughout the day. Choose a hat that feels appropriate for your wedding venue and aesthetic: a floppy straw hat is perfect for a vineyard wedding, while a structured suede fedora might be a handy option for industrial spaces.

16. Micro braids

wedding-hairstyle-with- Micro-braids

Adding two super tiny braids can greatly update your large, bouncy curls on the big day.

17. Layered and Gathered Bridal Hairstyle


Nothing suits a wedding dress better than this waterfall of curls. This extraordinary side style is not for a casual, backyard shindig. Such fancy ‘do look best when paired with an equally fancy gown. So, go all out!

18. Tucked-Up Updo


Pull your hair back into a regal updo and top it off with a tiara. And, you are done with your beautiful princess look perfect for a royal affair.

19. Swirled Wavy Half Up Style


Only a few long bridal hairstyles look as elegant as this cascading twist of curls, waves and hair embellishments. This ‘do is quite versatile and will work well on a variety of hair textures and lengths, but it’s certainly best on long hair, well, past the shoulders – the length that can be with a curling wand or iron and draped beautifully.

20. Wedding Hairstyle Braid crown


A braid crown is a modern-day wedding staple for all those who have long tresses. This cute and adorable ‘do and is perfect for a summertime wedding.   

21. Piled Up Formal Hairstyle


If you have hair that can’t hold long styles for an extended period of time, then go for an updo. Gathering your thick hair into a volume-packed curl fest is the secret trick that will look formal instead of frumpy. Top it with a traditional veil, tiara, or other large accessories for a vintage look.

22. Ombre Wedding Hair


Jazz up your wedding day hair by adding ombre or balayage color. Longer than shoulder hair, when paired with balayage adds a special, modern touch to a classic look. Feel free to further show off your color transition with loose, flowing curls.

23. Long Mermaid Waves


This wedding hairstyle features long mermaid waves inspired by Ariel, from the‘the little mermaid’. It’s a perfect ‘do if you have healthy and lengthy locks. For thick extra-long hair, try mermaid waves with an elegant hair piece and voluminous side bangs.

24. Loose Wedding Downdo


Loose and oversized braids have been trending for quite some time, but when it comes to wedding styles, they are still fresh. Long, medium to thick hair will be the best fit for a chunky braid like this. Adding some fresh blossoms or loose jewels will formalize your look further.

25. Curly Wedding Ponytail


This curly and feminine wedding hairstyle for long hair is ideal for a variety of hair types. The longer your locks are, the more impressive the cascade of twists will be. You can also adorn the top section with flowers, a tiara, a traditional veil or anything else you can think of.

26. Strongly Secured Ringlet Chignon


Long black hair looks gorgeous with stiff, perfectly placed pin curls. A stylist specializing in ethnic hair will easily accomplish this tucked chignon, and is likely to add finishing touches with most suitable hair embellishments. You may complement this ‘do with chunky earrings or other jewelry for the big day.

27. Old Hollywood Wedding Hair

Are you someone who is in search of simple yet stylish long hair wedding styles? Why don’t you simply let your hair down and try big romantic waves that take simplicity to a whole different level?

28. Swept Half Updo


Here’s another amazing example of how the simplest and most casual hairstyles can be recreated to form a chic bridal look. Just sweep your hair back into a half updo and throw on a netted veil to achieve an effortlessly free-flowing look.

29. Braid Halo


This bridal hairstyle for long hair features a softer and more feminine ‘do. Dotted with fresh mini roses, this beautiful braid halo looks eye-catching when walking down the aisle.

30. Grecian Goddess Braid


Here’s another wedding ‘do with braids featuring in our list. Weave your long strands into this Grecian-style braid, and be absolutely ready for an outdoor wedding. This hairstyle will perfectly tie together your wedding day look.

31. Soft French Twist


Try sweeping those strands up and off the neck with this elegant take on a French twist. It’ll form a chic bridal look and let you show off your dress on the Big Day.

32. Vintage Hair Vine


Bring back the glory of Old Hollywood-esque waves on the big day and add a dainty vine to it. If your wedding style goes vintage, this bridal hair might prove to be your go-to option.

33. Wedding Hair With Bangs


Look special on your wedding day with this beautiful side ponytail with bangs. Top it with tiara to get a perfect finish.

So, that finishes our list of best wedding hairstyles for long hair and now it’s decision time! Whatever style you choose for the big day, make sure you rock one of these beautiful wedding hairstyles with flair and sass. It’s your wedding day and you’ve earned it, so enjoy it!



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