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What is a Men’s Long Sleeve

Today long sleeves occupy one of the most honorable places in wardrobes not only for men but also for women. These T-shirts are comfortable, provide excellent protection from the cold and simply add a special touch to the variety of existing clothes. And their popularity is so high that both young people and the older generation prefer this thin T-shirt.

How to understand that in front of me is a long sleeve?

Translated from English long sleeve – literally a T-shirt with long (long) sleeves (sleeve). Perhaps these are the two main criteria by which it will be possible to easily distinguish this clothing from other offers. But that’s not all: in addition, any self-respecting long sleeve will never have fasteners (otherwise it is no longer a long sleeve) and, importantly, it will always have a thin fabric and a fitted or even cut. But there are also modernized versions on the market.

They usually come with hoods, original collars and unusual colors.

What types are there?

There are many types of long sleeves, but conditionally the market offers two models:

  • Standard
  • Sport

They are made from different materials and may differ in some properties:

  • Sports models. These options will be more technologically advanced than standard models. Athletic T-shirt manufacturers offer compression solutions to help ease muscle soreness and maintain body temperature within the desired range, especially on tough weather days. Such varieties are very high quality, do not electrify and are sewn from polyester or neoprene, which makes the branded clothing hypoallergenic. Therefore, do not worry that a T-shirt that fits tightly to the body can cause irritation and other unpleasant sensations.
  • Simple models. Although simple long sleeves cannot boast of the advantages of sports options, they are still of high quality and do not lose their practicality and convenience at all. They, like sports models, boast good hygroscopicity. These options most often include cotton.

But how is it worn?

There are many options – the choice is yours. Long sleeve – clothing is quite versatile and suitable for both the office and the street. However, in order to be beautiful, you need to be wise when choosing your image.

You can dress the old fashioned way by choosing the traditional option with sneakers and jeans (or sweatpants) of your choice.

A combination of sneakers and shorts will work well, however, army pants with boots will also be an excellent choice. You can also try the moccasin variation by wearing chinos. Do not forget about the option with multi-colored T-shirts. The main thing is that the clothes that go underneath, look out from above and be of a different color.

What about shirts? Long sleeve offers many stylish solutions here too. Just remember to match the colors of the shirt and T-shirt.

A bit of history

Since the middle of the last century, only soldiers and sailors have worn a thin long-sleeved T-shirt. However, after a while, this clothing was “bit by” and athletes. Longsleeves were just right in cloudy weather, due to the thin fabric and long sleeves, they were very comfortable in cold weather, hands were protected from both wind and frost. Sports teams soon took notice of clothing. As a result, even eminent teams began to print their logos on these T-shirts, the long sleeve became a full-fledged uniform for athletes.

Time passed. Clothes smoothly entered into everyday life and densely settled in every person’s wardrobe. Combining the T-shirt with other options, people began to come up with the most unique solutions: for home, street and office. And this T-shirt was called and called differently: a sweatshirt, a T-shirt, a jumper, and when he was in the USSR, he had the name of a sweatshirt.

Why is the long sleeve so popular?

As already mentioned, it has become an excellent replacement for ordinary T-shirts in cold weather, protecting your hands from the wind.

On top of that, they can boast not only practicality but also versatility. Longsleeve turned out to be ideal in the country, in sports, in school, in the office and even for retirees. You shouldn’t think that these clothes with long sleeves and thin fabric are only for young people. Elderly people look just as good, prestigious and solid in it.

In general, as you can understand, long sleeve is an excellent replacement for ordinary T-shirts in cool weather. It is comfortable, looks fashionable, modern, and most importantly, it can be combined with a large number of things. It doesn’t matter which option you choose: sporty or simple – both models are good, comfortable and offer high quality.



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