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What is the best reason to ease into an exercise program?

What is the best reason to ease into an exercise program?

When you start any new exercise program? It can be difficult to begin because your body may not be used to the workout. This article will discuss three reasons answering what is the best reason to ease into an exercise program. The first two reasons focus
on physical health while the final reason focuses on mental health.

1. To Prevent Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is a common side effect of beginning any new exercise program or starting off with too high intensity or volume. Symptoms of DOMS include cramping, stiffness, and pain in the involved muscles. DOMS is caused
by a number of factors including micro tearing of muscle fibers, metabolic byproducts that increase sensitivity in the muscles, and inflammation. DOMS is cumulative, meaning the pain and stiffness increases over time as you continue your workout.

Preventing muscle soreness isn’t necessarily a precise science and everyone will experience it and one of the reason why and what is the best reason to ease into an exercise program. However, there are ways to make the transition smoother and reduce
the deterioration in strength and performance caused by DOMS:

Reduce intensity – lightening the weights or slowing down the pace of repetitions for your first few workouts can help reduce strain on your muscles. Starting low and building up slowly reduces stress on muscles that aren’t ready for such high levels of activity; gradual escalation allows tissues to adapt to greater demands gradually rather than quickly.

Reduce volume – this tip compliments the previous one because doing fewer sets with lighter weight may mean taking an extra day or two off.

Gradually increase intensity and volume – like many things in life, you can’t expect to go from 0 to 60 overnight. Start with low intensity and low volume then gradually work your way up; this will give your body time to adapt without experiencing undue stress that leads to soreness.

2.  To Prevent Overtraining

Overtraining occurs when the physical demands of an exercise program are greater than the available time for recovery. Overtraining is associated with several negative consequences including increased risk of injury , illness , mental burnout, decreased performance , poorer workout quality, fatigue , irritability , poor sleep, mood changes , elevated resting heart rate, increased cortisol levels (which may lead to decreased testosterone ), and depression . The best way to prevent overtraining is to consistently give your body time for recovery.

3. To Maintain Consistency in Your Exercise Routine

If you want to continue making progress, you need to stay consistent with your exercise program fulfilling what is the best reason to ease into an exercise program. Some people start off strong but their resolve weakens after a few weeks or months; others return after an extended layoff too quickly without having properly prepared themselves mentally or physically. By thinking what is the best reason to ease into an exercise program instead of rushing through it at “full speed,” you may actually be more successful in achieving your goals; the end result is greater enjoyment because less pain will be associated with starting up again.

What are the 5 components of fitness?

Since you are easing yourself back into your exercise routine, start with these 5 components of fitness: strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and cardio. These 5 components of fitness are the most important for health so it’s best to focus on them when starting off. You can add in more challenging elements once you have built up to a slightly higher intensity and volume than what you started with during this phase.

Some people also incorporate recovery as an element of fitness; recovery is important because it allows your body to grow and adapt. If illness or overtraining occurs too frequently, progress will stall. And ultimately, if lack of recovery causes distress and
negative mood changes, then performance may decline as well.

Easing yourself back into your exercise routine

The higher intensity and volume of a regular workout routine can initially lead to a decrease in 5 components of fitness i.e., strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. By taking the extra time to ease into your program at first, you will avoid setbacks that may have been caused by starting off too quickly. Once you’re ready for more challenging elements, these 5 components of fitness will help you progress without increasing risk of injury or illness.

To Build Mental Fortitude

Starting an exercise program after an extended break (i.e., vacation) can be difficult because our minds haven’t yet fully committed to undertaking the physical demands placed on our bodies during rigorous workouts.


There are several reasons why easing into an exercise program may be the best way to start. By reducing intensity and volume, you can prevent muscle soreness (DOMS) and overtraining; these are common problems that occur when exercise is too strenuous for the body’ s current state. By gradually increasing your exercise activities, you give your body time to adapt without experiencing undue stress that leads to more fatigue and injury. Finally, easing into an exercise program helps with consistency so you don’t burn out or lose heart if progress is slow or stops altogether.



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